10 Cheap Ways To Get Your Carpet Cleaning Business Noticed

Get Your Carpet Cleaning Business Noticed

How do you get your carpet cleaning business noticed? You look for every opportunity possible to find new customers.

Here are some cheap and free ways to get your carpet cleaning business noticed.

1. Use Magnetic Signs On Your Car

Car magnets are a great way to advertise your carpet cleaning business. They are inexpensive, and the best part is that they can be placed anywhere on your vehicle. You can even use them to advertise your website or social media page.

Car magnet signs are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to advertise your carpet cleaning business. They are easy to install and can be removed when you clean your vehicle.

Car Magnets Are Easy To Install

The best part about car magnet signs is that they’re easy to install. The adhesive backing on the back of the magnet allows them to stick securely onto a vehicle’s exterior paint. The magnets can be placed anywhere on a vehicle’s body, including fenders, doors, and hoods. Most car magnet signs come with an optional hanging bracket to display your business name at eye level for added visibility.

Car Magnets Are Cheap To Buy

A car magnet sign is one of the least expensive forms of advertising available today. Compared to other outdoor signage types such as billboards or bus bench ads (both of which require significant upfront investments), car magnets are a deal. Because they’re so affordable, creating an entire fleet of vehicles with different messaging that targets specific demographics or geographic areas (such as neighborhoods) is possible. You can even use other messages on each side of the vehicle if needed!

Buy some custom car magnets for your carpet cleaning business on Vistaprint or Uprinting.

You Can Easily Remove Car Magnets.

Another benefit of car magnet signs for your business is that they’re easily removable. When you change your logo or phone number, you can easily replace your magnets.

2. Form Strategic Partnerships With Other Local Companies

As a small business owner, getting new customers is one of the hardest parts of running a successful company.

There are many different ways to get new customers. Still, one of the best ways is by forming strategic partnerships with other local companies, which can help generate new business for you and your partner.

As a carpet cleaning business owner, you may want to try and partner with real estate agents, contractors, house cleaners, or local hardware stores. The more people who know about your services, the better chance you have of getting new business.

One great way to form a successful partnership is by offering your strategic partners an incentive for referring their customers to you.

For example, if they refer a client who books with you and pays $250 or more, you could offer to give them a percentage of the revenue as a referral fee! This works great because it allows them to make money while at the same time letting them offer their customers a solution for professional carpet cleaning services!

3. List Your Carpet Cleaning Business In Online Directories.

There are so many aspects of running a successful carpet cleaning business that it can be hard to know where to start.

One of the first things you should do is make sure your company is listed in the significant online directories. Consumers use these directories to find businesses like yours, and if they can’t find you there, they may not be able to find you at all!

Here Are Some Of The Most Important Directories For Your Carpet Cleaning Business:

Google Business Profile: This is one of the most significant websites for your business. It will help people find your site when searching for “carpet cleaning services” or similar terms. When you sign up for Google Business Profile, you’ll be given a free online profile that links back to your simple Mighty Sites website. When people search for businesses like yours, it will show up in search results.

Yelp: Yelp is another useful directory as it helps people find local businesses based on customer reviews and ratings. You can add a page for your carpet cleaning company on Yelp by filling out an application form and verifying it with them through email or phone calls.

Facebook: Facebook is another social media platform that many people use regularly, so having a page for your business there can be beneficial. In addition to creating a page for your carpet cleaning company on Facebook, you should also create a personal profile page so customers can learn more about

Yahoo Local – This platform is another free directory that allows you to create a profile page and add photos and videos to showcase your work.

Superpages: A paid directory that makes it easy for customers to find information about your company, including directions and contact details.

4. Create A Simple Business Website

It is essential to have a simple business website for your carpet cleaning business. It should be easy to navigate and provide customers with information about what you do, how to contact you, and get a free quote.

Here are some things to consider when designing your website:

  1. Make sure it has a professional look. Use images of your equipment and vehicles in action and photos of any awards or certifications that might be relevant.
  2. Have clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your simple carpet cleaning business website. These buttons should take visitors directly to the contact information to get in touch with you about your services or schedule an appointment.
  3. Keep it simple! The less clutter on your site, the easier it is for visitors to find what they’re looking for and make contact with you quickly and easily.

5. Offer ‘Refer A Friend’ Discounts

Offering a refer-a-friend discount for clients who refer customers to your carpet cleaning business is a great way to generate new business.

To make it even more enticing, offer the same discount to your referred customer for referring friends and family.

This gives you two opportunities to get new clients — you can generate referrals from current customers and previous customers who have referred someone else.

Your referral discount should be significant enough that people are willing to recommend you but not so large that they will take advantage of it themselves. You want it to be an incentive for them to make sure their friends get in touch with you!

It’s a win-win situation. You will get more customers, and they will get a discount on their next carpet cleaning.

It’s a great way to build your client base, and word of mouth is one of the most effective tools for marketing any business.

6. Get Online Reviews

Good online reviews can make or break your business.

Reviews are an essential part of any business, but they’re vital for carpet cleaners. If you have bad reviews, people will be less likely to call you for work, and if you have good reviews, people will be more likely to contact you.

What’s the best way to get those good reviews? Here are some tips:

Use Facebook And Google My Business

Get online reviews on Facebook and Google to build your online reputation and get your carpet cleaning business noticed. It is important to create a page on these platforms that show off your business and services through pictures, videos, testimonials, etc.

You may choose to promote your social media pages. If spending money is a part of your social media plan, you can do that by paying for ads or using social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to boost posts on social media so they reach more people.

Here are some ways you can get more online reviews from happy customers:

Offer incentives for customers who leave reviews
Include a link for customers to post reviews on your website or social media pages
Respond quickly when customers leave negative reviews, both publicly and privately.
Online reviews are an essential part of your marketing strategy for several reasons:

They’re free! You don’t have to pay for print ads or radio commercials — take some time to write reviews on sites like Facebook and Google.

They reach new customers who aren’t looking for you yet but may need your service in the future. If your current customers show their friends how happy they are with their carpets, it can lead to more business.

They help you build better brand identity by showing your expertise and customer service skills (and perhaps even increasing customer loyalty).

7. Put A Sign On The House’s Front Lawn Or Business You Are Cleaning For, Like Having A Mini-Billboard At Your Job Sites.

If you have a business, you need to be visible. That means having a sign on your building or cars. But if you’re doing carpet cleaning, you need to take it one step further.

Put a sign on the client’s front lawn or business while you are doing carpet cleaning. It’s like having a mini-billboard at your job sites that will help get your carpet cleaning business noticed.

Here’s how it works: You buy some banners or signs that say, “We clean carpets.” Be sure the sign includes your business name, logo, website address, and phone number.

Then, when you arrive at a client’s home or business, put it up in their front yard so people driving by can see it.

You might think that people won’t notice it because they’re busy driving, but they do see it. The neighbors will likely ask the homeowner who cleaned their carpets. The sign will probably help lead to more referrals if you’ve done an excellent job.

8. Launch A Facebook Page For Your Business.

A Facebook page is a crucial tool for getting your carpet cleaning business noticed. It’s free, easy to use, and has millions of users.

Facebook is a social networking site that lets you connect with other people in your life by sharing photos, videos, and information about yourself. You can also see what your friends are doing on Facebook, including posting status updates and pictures.

So how do you use Facebook to promote your carpet cleaning business?

Here Are Some Tips:

  • Create a business page for your carpet cleaning service business so people can like it and follow its updates
  • Post engaging photos of how you clean carpets or how happy clients are after they have cleaned their carpets
  • Ask clients questions on Facebook to share their experiences with others (like how much they loved the service).

People are more likely to choose a business with a Facebook page over one that doesn’t have one. Facebook pages allow potential customers to get to know you and your business better than they would if they just had to read about you online or in print ads.

9. Make Business Cards To Hand Out.

Business cards help get your carpet cleaning business noticed on a budget. They’re not just for handing out to customers but also for networking with other companies.

Here Are Some Quick Tips On How To Make Business Cards That Will Be Sure To Get Your Company Noticed:

  • Use a font that is bold and easy to read. This is especially important if you’re using a logo or picture as part of your design. It makes it easier for people to read what you want them to know about your company.
  • Make sure your name and website address are visible on the card so people can find you later if they need more information about what you do (such as pricing).

Why Business Cards Are So Important To Get Your Carpet Cleaning Business Noticed

Business cards are an inexpensive way to get people’s attention and help them remember who you are when they need carpet cleaning services in the future.

Business cards are an essential part of any business. They give you a way to introduce yourself and your company to potential customers. They’re a convenient way to leave behind information when people aren’t ready to make a purchase right away.

Business cards are also one of the cheapest marketing tools you can use.

Business cards are cheap enough that it’s worth ordering small batches of new ones whenever you get new clients or make changes in your services or rates. That way, you always have something fresh that reflects what you’re doing now, not what you were doing three years ago when they were printed.

The business card isn’t just for handing it out at networking events. It’s also an excellent tool for getting your name into the hands of people who may not know about your services yet but might be interested once they do.

The more people you provide with your name and contact information, the more likely it is that someone will call you for help when they need carpet cleaning services.

10. Wear Branded Apparel

Not all marketing has to be expensive. There are some great ways to get your carpet cleaning business noticed without spending much money. One of the best is to wear clothing with your logo on it.

Wearing clothing with your company’s logo on it is an easy way to promote yourself without investing in advertising. If you work at a desk, wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt with your logo. If you’re outdoors, wear a baseball cap or trucker hat with the same logo.

When you wear clothing with your company’s name and logo, people will notice. This also gives them something else to look at when talking to you or asking questions about what you do for a living. This can help lead to conversations about why they should hire your services.

You should also wear these items when meeting with potential new clients!


So there we have it, a list of 10 cheap and easy ways to get your carpet cleaning business noticed.

It’s not always easy to compete in the carpet cleaning world. There are many companies out there fighting for your business! So anything that can give you even the slightest edge over the competition is well worth considering.

Whether you decide to employ just one or two of the ideas listed above, all ten, or even just one of the hundreds of other methods you could try. Hopefully, you’ll find a way that helps you stand out from your competition.

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