15 Ways To Promote Your Local Business Website [Video]

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You've launched a brand new website for your business, congratulations! But, now what? In this video blog, we will provide detailed step-by-step instructions for promoting your local business website so you can attract more customers. Watch the video and follow the detailed steps below to get started marketing your website and growing your local business.

Video Tutorial - Promoting Your Small Business Website

Promote Your Local Business Website

Here are 15 ways you can market your local business website. Follow these guidelines to make sure your website gains prominence online. Your website is your online business card. Ensure you use it effectively to attract customers and drive sales.

1. Subscribe To Mighty Sites

First, activate your subscription to Mighty Sites. Mighty Sites is only $9/month for your local business website. Once you subscribe your website will be online for the world to see.

2. Connect Your Custom Domain

Connect your custom domain to your new Mighty Sites website. Mighty Sites makes it easy to connect your domain name. If you own a domain through Go Daddy, Google Domains or Domain.com simply follow the instructions to connect your domain to your new website.

3. Update Online Business Directories

After you launch your website, subscribe to Mighty Sites and connect your domain it is time to create links to your new website. Start with the online business directories. Search engines and potential customers use these business directories to find local businesses and their websites.

The most popular online business directories are:

Find your business listing on these websites and add a link to your website.

4. Link To Your Website On Social Media

Link to your website on social media too. Most social media platforms allow businesses to link to their websites. Ensure you have your website link on your business's social media profiles.

Add your website link to your business page on these social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

5. Use a Company To Add Your Website To Online Directories

There are hundreds of online business directories. We've highlighted some of the most popular in the steps above. However, it may be a good idea to add your website to other online business directories that list your business.

Rather than manually doing it yourself, this company will handle it for you - Bright Local. For only $3 per website, this company will add your website link to hundreds of local business directories.

6. Make An Announcement Post On Social Media

Announce your new website on social media and invite people to visit your site. If you need help making a graphic for your social media post, try using Canva.

7. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an advanced tool that helps Google find your website. Use this tool to crawl your new website and make sure Google knows about it.

8. Email Signature

Add your new website to your email signature. This will help customers, vendors and prospects find out more information about you and your business!

9. Business Cards

Be sure to add your website address to your business cards. Remember, your website is your online business card.

10. Vehicle Decal

Your business name, logo, phone number and website address should all be on your vehicle. Purchase a vehicle decal with this information and stick it on your car or truck.

11. T-Shirt, Hats or Uniforms

If you wear promotional apparel, include your website address!

12. Advertisements

If you run ads, include your website address!

13. Text people

Get in the habit of texting people the link to your website. Others will follow suit and text your business website to others when they refer you. Your website is your online business card.

14. Signs & Storefront

If your business entails placing signs or posters outside to advertise your business, make sure your website address is included. If you have a physical storefront, use it to highlight how customers can find you online.

15. Receipts

Make sure your receipts, quotes and invoices include links to your website.

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