Advice For People Starting A Tree Service

Advice For People Starting a Tree Service

If you're tired of working for someone else, consider getting into the tree service business. The demand for tree services is high year-round, and you can make a good living if you have enough customers in your area.

Let's discuss some simple tips for how to start a tree service from scratch—from researching local markets and equipment purchases to advertising your new company.

Let's get started!

Research the local tree service market, and decide what services you will offer.

Research the local tree service market to understand your options and how to compete. You will need to decide what services you will offer to your local market and how to reach your target customers.

Decide whether or not you will compete on price. This is a big decision that can affect your business's future. Suppose you're looking to build a small business while maintaining a high level of quality. In that case, it might be best to avoid undercutting your competition. However, if your goal is to make as much money as possible to pay off personal loans or debt (this happens), then going with "lowballing" tactics may be in order. The trick here is finding out which strategy works for you without sacrificing quality in any way - this will require some trial and error before you get it right!

Purchase tree service equipment, including a truck with a bed-mounted crane, a stump grinder, chipper, trimming devices, climbing ropes, and harnesses.

You'll need to purchase tree service equipment, including a truck with a bed-mounted crane, a stump grinder, chipper, trimming devices, climbing ropes, and harnesses.

The type of equipment you need depends on the kind of tree service you're offering.

For example, suppose you're providing general landscape maintenance services for residential customers in your area. In that case, you probably won't need any specialized tools. However, suppose your business is focused on removing dangerous trees from residential areas. In that case, some of these items will likely be essential components of your business operations.

Advertise your new business in local newspapers, Craigslist, and online directories.

Once you've established your business name, advertise it in local newspapers, Google Business Profile and Craigslist. You should also add your business to local online business directories. This will be a great way to get the word out about your new tree service.

Be sure to also create a simple business website for your tree service. If you don't have a website, consider using Mighty Sites to create a simple tree service website.

Obtain liability insurance for your business.

Liability insurance is a good idea for any business. Still, particularly one that deals with caring for and maintaining other people's property. As such, you should get a policy covering your company, its equipment, and its employees (including you). The best way to find such an insurance policy is by shopping around with several different agents. Find someone who will give you a quote on what it would cost if someone were injured while working at one of your job sites (or had another accident on your premises). You can then use this quote as leverage in negotiating lower rates; some companies may even offer discounts if they're impressed by the amount of work being done by their potential clientele.

Explore a small business insurance company like Hiscox for a quote on the types of insurance you will need for your tree service business.

Tree services are in high demand year-round.

While tree services may get more business during the summer, that doesn't mean you should wait to start your business until then. You can start a tree service in the spring, summer, and fall. The winter is also a great time to start a tree service because this is when homeowners are busy with holiday activities and will not be able to service their trees themselves.


Starting a tree service can be a significant business venture. The market is in high demand, so it's an excellent time to jump in.

The best thing you can do is research local companies and what they offer before deciding what type of services you want to provide. You should also ensure that your business has liability insurance before starting work on any client's property.

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