Asphalt Contractor Website Template and Webpage Maker [Video Demo]

Asphalt Contractor Website Template and Webpage Maker Demo Video

Watch as we demonstrate how to set up the Asphalt Contractor website template using the Mighty Sites Webpage maker. This video shows you how to quickly and easily set up your brand new website for your asphalt paving business.

Video Transcription

Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining me today. I will show you how to quickly and easily create a website for your asphalt contractor business.

Getting Started Creating Your New Website

So visit mighty and click on start free trial or click right here on lunch. You can also scroll down on the homepage to find a contractor and select your specific contractor business type. So for today, we're going to talk about asphalt contractors. So I'm going to go right here in my backend, click on the contractor and asphalt contractor, the same thing you experience. And it will bring me to this screen where I first find my business. So I'm just going to put in my business name here. Great. I found my company. If I can't find my business here, I click to add my business information manually right here. Either way is super simple to get started.

Find and Connect Your Google Business Profile

Once I've done that, I click next and can see my location information. If I want to add my email address or change any of this information, I can do that here quickly. Neatly should be the same information you have on your Google business profile. Now, as I jump over here to update hours, I can change any of my hours quickly and easily. So let's say I'm going to be closed on Sundays. Click here closed. Let's say I decide on Mondays. I'm going to start opening at 8:00 AM. You can change that click save. It's simple and easy to change your business hours using the system. So once I've updated all that information, it looks good. I click simply on looks good next. And just like that, the mighty site system will generate a simple professional website for your asphalt paving business.

Preview The Asphalt Contractor Website Template

As you can see from the template, all the images are here. A lot of the text is already prewritten for you. The links, the hours, and the information that Mighty Sites populated from your Google business profile will populate right into this section. Now, the next step to make this super easy is to click right here to activate this site to customize and launch. So I click on activate now for only $9 a month. The platform includes the website template and the pre-license images for your use that copy. You have prewritten a secure certificate for your website. So, right here, you can see that this website is secure. Your new website will be secure, and you will also have the functionality to add a custom domain. So if you own your domain from GoDaddy or any platform like that, you can quickly and easily connect it to the system.

So it's a great deal. All that, including website hosting for your asphalt contractor business, is included for only $9 a month. So it's a great deal. So once you click on activate your free trial, you click right here to update your site, and you can quickly and easily edit any section you want.

Updating Social Links on The Website Template

So by default, it's included these images for your use, but if you say, well, I want to add my social media. I'm just going to click on the update section and add my social media there. So you'll see the link will populate so that if you have a YouTube channel, Instagram, so I'll show you YouTube.

Channel that populates. If you have a Facebook page, populate it there for you. So, quickly populate all your social links, save and close, and now you've easily updated that to include your social media links.

Making Edits To The Asphalt Contractor Website Template

If you want to add your logo, drag and drop or click to upload your logo. You can change any of your menu items around if you change the order of the menu items or add new menu items. It's quick, simple, and easy to do as well. If you'd like to change the main image, click here, upload the image, and you can browse your computer and upload a brand new appearance to your site. You can also update the menu, move menu items around, or do any of those things. Now let's say that you want to change how this is written.

If you want to, let's say, add some more text. Here is some more text. It's easy to write in more so you can further describe your asphalt contractor business to your potential consumers. And if you want to change the contact button to some, link somewhere else. So let's say you want it to link to another website. You can click on another website and enter the URL. Let's say you want it to connect to a different section of this website. You can easily do that too. And then, if you want it to, maybe you want people to call you when they click on that. So they're probably going to visit this website for mobile. It's a mobile-friendly template for asphalt contractors. So that's all taken care of for you. And now, if they're visiting it on mobile, that contact us, CLS clicks right on, you know, click to call, and we'll call your number so they can get a quote for services from you.

So just like that, you can quickly and easily update or use any of these images, update or change any text. But if it all looks good and it's ready to go, you can launch this simple professional asphalt contractor website template for your business.

Adding a Custom Domain

Now, if I switch over here, let's say I'm done editing. I'm going to go back to the site dashboard. Let's say you have the domain that you want to use. I can click on connect domain type in my domain name here. So if you own it through Google domains, goad, or any of those registrars, you type in your domain name here, and then you're going to get a simple set of instructions for the updates you need to make in your domain registrar account. So it's going to give you some simple instructions. Once you do that, the system will do the rest of the work, connect your new website to your new domain, and be ready to go. And just like that, you are all done in just a few minutes. You've created a simple professional website that's mobile-friendly and secure to represent and help market your asphalt paving contractor business. Thanks so much for joining me.

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