Best Greek Restaurant Website Builder [Video]

Greek Restaurant Website Builder

Create a website for your Greek restaurant using the Mighty Sites website builder software. This video blog will show you exactly how to deploy the Greek restaurant website template and edit your new website. Watch the video below to get started.

Video Transcription

Welcome, everyone. I'm going to show you how to create a website for a Greek restaurant using this Greek restaurant website builder. You can visit the link below to start a seven-day free trial. It's only $9 a month, and it's really fast and easy to create a website for a Greek restaurant. So I'm just going to go in here. I'll type and look for my small business. There are different templates for any business, but I will type in Greek restaurant. So I, here, there's a restaurant template, a general one, and then here's a specific Greek, Greek restaurant template. So I'm going to select that. Put here Keegan's Greek restaurant. That's just going to ask me a few questions. I'll put in my city, Denver, Colorado, and the business type is a restaurant. Click continue. So I'll start with my phone number.

Edit Business Info

So let me add my phone number and then click continue. I could add my email address if I wanted to as well. And then, I enter my street address and zip code and click continue. And then what time am I open? So let's say I open at 10:00 AM on Monday, and then what time do I close? Let's say 9:00 PM on Monday. Be the same hours through Thursday. Continue. Let's say that on Fridays, I am still open at 10:00 AM, but I'm available until 11:00 PM on Fridays. So let's do the same thing for Saturday and Sunday and click continue. So then I can review this information. Again, just basic information about my Greek restaurant. And once that all looks good, I click next. And here's where the significant part happens. Mighty Sites will automatically generate a simple professional website for my Greek restaurant without me having to do anything else.

Edit Colors

So now it's just a matter of making edits to the template to make this to the place where I like it. So the first thing I can do is if I want to change colors, I can click on this color box and change the colors. I may want a darker blue or a lighter green. It all just depends on which colors you prefer, but you can select from color palettes to change the colors of your site. And again, this is all mobile-friendly, so it adjusts based on the type of device people use to access your website. Next, I suggest adding my email address for people to get in touch with me. So I can do that right here. And then, I can select for it to be shown if I want to Save it close.

Upload Your Restaurant's Logo

And now my email address is there. I can do that right here if I want to upload a logo. And I'll find a logo on my computer that we can use for this example. So let's see. Here's a good one. So I can upload my logo and click save as soon as it's loaded. And now I can make it bigger. I can make it smaller. I can click on this pencil to edit it. I can crop, filter, fine-tune, annotate, decorate, frame, redact, resize, and do all types of different things I can do to edit my image. But once it looks good and I'm happy with the size, I can save it.

Add Relevant Links - Menu, Online Orderng, Etc

I can update my menu with any additional menu items I want to show up here. But if that's all I need, that's fine. For ordering online, I can leave that as order online and link to my order online menu if I have that, or I can link to a third-party service, like a toast or something like that. I could upload my menu and change that to view the menu. It could be a click-to-call for my business. And again, I just changed any of these links right here. I could link to another website. And then, I change the text here, depending on where I'm linking or what action I want people to take. Get Directions comes next, so it has my hours and my address, and if people click this, it opens up in maps to give them directions directly to your restaurant.

Add and Edit Images of Your Greek Restaurant

And then right here, just a nice image to showcase, usually the inside or outside of your restaurant. You can simply upload a picture here. It's nice to give people a sense of what your business looks like in real life. Again, you can link your menu just by uploading your pdf. Or you could link to if your menu's somewhere else on the web, you could, you know, link to somewhere, another website, or you could just use this for a call to action to be anything different, like make reservations or things like that too. If you link to a service like that, again, it's nice to fill this with images of your restaurant, but if you want, all of these are pre-licensed images for you to use, too, so you're terrific and all set to use these images if those work best.

Connect Your Domain and Launch Your Website

Creating a simple website fast for only $9 a month is pretty much it. And then, if I go over here to stop editing and go to the site dashboard, I can connect a custom domain. It walks me through the process. If I own a GoDaddy or Google Domain, it's really easy to connect that to my site. Then I can always go back here to update hours, location, social media, or my site at any time. And just like that, I can launch this website in just a few minutes. And now, using this simple website builder for Greek restaurants, I've just created a website for my Greek restaurant in just a few minutes, and it's ready to go. It's really simple, fast, and affordable, and I can be on to my next task.

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