Cheap Website Builder For Small Business - Save Time & Money [Video]

Cheap Website Builder For Small Business - Save Time & Money

In this video blog we'll demonstrate this cheap website builder for small business by Mighty Sites. With Mighty Sites you can quickly and easily create a cheap small business website in only a few minutes. Watch the video demo below and start a free trial.

Video Transcription

Mighty Sites is a cheap website builder for small businesses and works well. Mighty Sites is a great starting point if you're looking for a cheap website builder for a small business.

Cheap Means Cheap - Only $9/month

It's only $9 a month and mighty for that $9 a month. That includes a simple website for your small business. It's the website will be built fast for mobile. You can even create the website on your phone using Mighty Site's system. It's really easy to use. It's super affordable, obviously, at only $9 a month. It's small business-friendly, so it's really easy to edit, it's really easy to share with customers, and it helps them find you. There's award-winning customer service with chat and email support for everything you're trying to do. The website will come preloaded with prewritten content, so you don't have to worry about writing your content.

Cheap Yet Powerful Small Business Website Builder

You can make edits to what's already there. You get preloaded and pre-licensed images to use on your site. There's a point-and-click editor, and there's no coding required. I will show you a quick demo of using Mighty Sites to create a website for a small business. So again, this is a cheap website builder, so all you do is start the free trial, and then you go in and select your type of business. So they're all different themes here for every single type of local business that you can imagine, from restaurants to service businesses, too, you know, retail stores, bakeries, bars, grills. So you basically, and again, it will have all the images preloaded for you. So let's say that your business is a tattoo shop. You would select Tattoo Shop, and I can just put Keegan's Tattoos, right?

Getting Started With the Website Builder

And then, I will go over here, I can enter Denver, Colorado, and then that is a service business and click continue. And just like that, Mighty Sites is going to automatically. You can see my name up here will automatically generate a simple professional website for my tattoo parlor. So now you can see that before I even had to add any images or do anything, I had a template up and running. So this cheap website builder is super easy to use too. So again, if I want to make edits, I click on the update section, and I can kind of point and click. We mentioned that point-and-click editor from this other section, right? So I can point and click update this section. Sure. And then let's say I want to add my phone number. So I'll put my phone number.

Using The Website Builder

There we go. Click save. Now my phone number's there. I can put my address. So if I just put 1 23 Street in Denver, Colorado, then I can put my zip code too. But there we go. Now my address shows up there as well. Let's say I want to add my social media link so people can check out my work probably. Instagram would make sense, so I just copied and pasted it. But put in sites. I link my social media pages to my website. Now, let's say I have. I want to add my Twitter to think our Twitter is Mighty Sites USA. So now I can save that, and I have my Twitter and Instagram linked great. My website's starting to come together. If I go over here, I can even update my logo too. So I can browse and upload. Let's find a logo for my computer that I'll use to upload it.

Adding Your Logo or Creating One in Canva

Let's find a logo that makes sense here. Let's use this Mighty Sites logo here so I can upload this logo. So you would upload your logo there. If you don't have a logo, you can use this or try out Canva. So I'll show you Canva quickly. It's super simple and easy. If I go here to create a design, I can type in logo, and then right here I can just, you know, let's just say I tattoo, oops, spell it wrong tattoo. But let's say my tattoo business didn't have a logo. Now, most of these are free or cheap, and all of a sudden, I can have a logo for my business, right? Quick and easy, and then you can download that and upload it. But once I've uploaded my logo, I click save.

Now I can make it bigger if I want. I can make it smaller. If I click on this pencil, I can edit, crop, filter, and fine-tune it. So even though this is a cheap website builder, it's got a ton of tools here that make building a website easily. And that's the same if you upload your images too. You can edit them with this pencil as well. So click save when I'm done and close it. Now I've got my logo up there. So you can see all of a sudden that this is a cheap website builder for small businesses and a really easy website builder to use if you're a small business owner too. So I can go in here and update this text and these hero images. I can go here and update the contact button.

Adding Outbound Links To Your Small Business Website

So let's say maybe I'm using something like Calendly for appointment booking, which is free. So it's an excellent tool for small businesses. I can copy the link for my calendar, and either I can have people call me, and I can just choose that too, you know, be click to call or let's say I have a PDF I want to upload, but I'm just going to put another website. I'm going to put my call link in there, and then I'm going to change this button text to book and let's just say book a consultation. So then save that close. And now, when somebody comes to my website, they click on this, and they can go right to my booking appointment for booking a consultation for their new tattoo. So that's super cool. I can change any of these images again. You can see it automatically puts in Keegan's tattoos, Keegan's tattoos Tattoo Shop in Denver, right? So it's automatically, you know, talking about it automatically writes the text for you. And then if you say, well, part of this, you know, I'd like it to say something a little bit different. You go in here and, you know, a website just put here, you know, cheap. This platform is a cheap website builder for small businesses. So I add that, save it, and then there.

Finish Building Your Website, Connect Your Domain and Launch Your Site

We go. Go. You know, see, it just shows up right there. And then I can close this. So again, it's a super easy-to-use website builder and a very cheap website builder. And then, once you finish using the website builder, you can go over here. You can click on stop editing. You can return to your site dashboard and connect a custom domain to launch your site. So you go in here, and there's an easy. If you own a domain through Google Domains or or anything like that, you paste it into your domain, and you're ready to launch your site. So you can go back to update it anytime you want easily. So literally, you know, within a few minutes, you can use this cheap website builder for small businesses to build a simple professional, mobile-friendly website for your business. And again, it's only $9 a month. And there's a seven-day free trial, so you can get started and see if it works for you. But this is one of the best cheap website builders on the market. So good luck with your new website.

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