Create A Basic Website For Your Mechanic Shop [Video Tutorial]

Create A Website For a Mechanic

In this video we show you how to quickly and easily create a basic website for your mechanic shop using Mighty Sites. The system makes it easy for local businesses to create a simple, professional website for their business in a matter of just a few minutes.

Answer a few questions about your business and click launch. That is all it takes to build a website for your mechanic shop using Mighty Sites!

Video Transcription

Website for your mechanic business simply and easily using mighty sites. So first, you can scroll down here and click on automotive and mechanics. You can also click here to launch or click here to start your free trial. So I'm just going to go back into the back end. You can see, I have the same thing. Click automotive because that's my business type. Click on the mechanic. And now, all I need to do is enter my business type. So I'm going to type in Sam's automotive repair. That's the name of my business, and click continue. Then you can see all the info here about my location. I can edit any of this. If it looks good, I can save it. I can do that if I need to make any changes to my hours. Otherwise, if everything looks good, I click looks good. Subsequent and Mighty Sites will automatically create a new, simple professional website for my mechanic business.

And all I need to do is edit the copy or images. Otherwise, it's going to have all the information. I have prewritten all the copy and photos to create and launch a website for my mechanic business simply and easily. So all I do next step is click on activate, and it's only $9 a month for hosting and editing and managing and launching your new site so I can start it. And then let me show you how easy it is to make edits to your brand new website. Click on here. I can update social links. I can correct it into the location information.

All that looks good. I can save it. I can update my menu or change the image here and quickly. If I want to change any of the text or the buttons, let's say I want that contact button to have people automatically call me. I can switch, and my phone number and everything will already be in there. If I want to write new text, put, you know, this is further info and write that and easily in there. And all I have to do is click save from the new copy. Suppose all the copy that's already written looks good. I can leave that. And then again, change any images, social links, or services, and that's it. At that point, you must connect your domain and launch your brand new website for your mechanic business.

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