Create A Simple One Page Barber Shop Website [Video Demo]

Create A Simple One Page Website For A Barber Shop

In this video we show you how to use Mighty Sites to create a simple one page website for your barber shop. All you need to do is enter your business name, email and phone number and Mighty Sites will automatically create a simple one page website for your barber shop. It is that easy!

Video Transcription

We'll discuss creating a simple website for your barbershop using mighty sites. So you can get started by clicking on start free trial and launch. Or if you want to scroll down on the homepage and click right here on barbershop, you can do that too. So I'm going to go right into the back end to my side of the system and show you how easy this is. You can see that I have the same option to click on barbershop. So to create a website for your barbershop, click here to get started, and then enter the name of your barbershop. So I'm going to join in, um, Floyd's barbershop and enter your business's name. And then obviously you can see here, I can easily update my phone number, address any information. If that all looks good, I click save.

I can easily update any hours or change any of these. If that all looks good and populates correctly, I click on looks good. And just like that, the mighty site system will create a simple professional website for my barbershop. All I needed to do was answer some questions now to activate this site and edit it. I click right here to activate the site. It's $9 a month for your website. That includes hosting and the editor. So I click activate, and now I click here to update my site, and I can quickly and easily update anything I want. So if I want to update and add my social links, I paste them. If I want to add or edit my location, I paste it there. If I want to change the main image here, I can update the image or update the menu items.

If I want to update the text, I can go over it here and write some more text. So you'll see it populate here. So it's super easy to make edits. Let's say that I want to change the contact button. I can click on update, and I can choose a different link. So I can link to have people call me, click on directions, go to different parts of my website, or if I want to link to a booking software like that. I can link to that there too. So I will have it left to call me and then contact. If I want to change what the button says, I can call for an appointment and click save, and just like that, it's ready to go. So it's super easy to edit this affordable option to create a simple, basic, professional website for your barbershop shop.

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