Easiest Website Builder For Lawn Care Businesses [Video Demo]

Website Builder For Lawn Care Businesses

Learn how to create a website for your lawn care business using Mighty Sites. The best website builder for lawn care businesses. This platform allows anyone to quickly and easily create a lawn care business website.

Video Transcription

I will show you how to create a simple lawn care business website using Mighty Sites in less than a minute. So the first thing you can do is go to the Mightysites.com website, and you can click here on launch or start a free trial, and you get a free trial to build a lawn care business website. You can also click on landscaper or lawn care, which will jump you right into the process. So I'm going to switch right into the back end and follow the same process just from my end of the screen. As you can see, I can log in and select lawn care business as the type of business I'm creating a website for. And then I type in and find my lawn care business. Here we go. Click continue. It's going to automatically find information about my business.

I can update my location information here, or I can update my hours or change anything here. I can save it and click next if all of that looks good. And mighty sites will automatically generate a professional and simple website for my lawn care business, with all of the copy written and all of my relevant information entered in now. To make this my website, I click on activate to activate the site and put down my credit card. So I put down my credit card. It's only $9 a month for this simple professional lawn care business website. And then any changes I want to make are effortless. I click on update, and I can change the name information here. I can add my social media links. Once that's all said, I can save it and close it. If I want to change any menu items or upload a new picture, I can do that here and easily. If I want to change the text, I can write more text here and save it. If I want the button to link to a phone call or directions to me, or if I want to even link to another website or a different section of my website, I can do all that quickly and easily here. Save it. And I'm done. So it's super easy to edit and takes less than a minute to set up a brand new, simple professional website for your lawn care business. I was using the Mighty site's system.

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