Easiest Website Builder To Use - Simple, Cheap & Easy [Video Demo]

Easiest Website Builder To Use

Learn how to use the easiest website builder software for small businesses. In this video blog, you'll learn how to launch a website for your business and use this easy website builder to make edits and launch your website.

Video Transcript

Thanks for joining me today. I'm going to show you the easiest website builder to use. It's called Mighty Sites. You can visit it just by going to mighty sites.com. Not only is it easy to use, but it's only $9 a month, and it comes with, and it comes with a seven-day free trial. So give it a shot. You'll see what I mean.

Demo - Easy Website Builder Software

I'll do a quick demo here. It doesn't matter what type of business you're trying to build a website for your business. There are hundreds of templates and color palettes, and themes. All you need to do is search for whatever type of business needs a website. Let's say I own a local tree service. I'm just going to click on Tree Service and put in my name. So Keegan's put in Keegan's Tree Service business, and then I put in my city and state.

Start By Entering Your Business Information

So let's say Denver, Colorado. And then what type of business is this? This type of business is a service business. I'll click continue. And as soon as I do that, it's going to automatically create the template, write the copy for me, and deploy the website so that I can get started on editing the template and launching my website. So you can see just like that by entering some basic business information. Mighty Sites created a website for my business. To demonstrate that this is the easiest website builder to use, I will show you how easy it is to make edits to your website. So all I have to do there are these update section buttons throughout the site.

Add Social Media Links

All I have to do is click on one of these update section buttons, and it's going to drop-down boxes where I can enter things, and then it will automatically code them and show them up for me. So let me show you what I mean. So let's just put in my Twitter account. So we'll put in Twitter, mighty Sites USA. Now, as soon as I add that, I can save that link. And then here's the Twitter logo up there. Let's say I want to add my phone number so people can contact me. There we go. I write my phone number on the box, and it shows up right here. Let's say I want my email to show up.

I type in my email, click show my email on the website, save and close. And now look at how easy this is to contact me. If I wanted to put my address, I could put that too. But I could add all of my social media links, my phone number, and all the icons are there. It types it out for me nicely. Let's say I want to go over here and add a logo or update my location. I can change my menu items here. I can add more menu items. I can link to other places. I can load a pdf of whatever I want to do. But let me find a logo to show you how easy this is to use. Let me find a stamp on my computer. Here is a. Let's see if I can find one, and there we go. So here's a nice yo logo. I'll upload my logo, and you can see that not only is it easy to upload that, but I'll also save it. I can make it bigger by clicking on the "make bigger" button.

Add and Edit Your Logo

Smaller button to make it smaller. So again, easy-to-use feature here for this website builder. I can also click on the pencil, and all these straightforward cropping tools are here. So if I want to crop the image, I can do that here. If I want to add a filter, change the colors or filter any of my pictures, those are built in, and I can fine-tune it. So I can change the saturation, or I can change the contrast simply by moving this around. However, I like it. I can annotate it with arrows, lines, and erasers. I can decorate the image so you can see it. And then once I'm done, I click done, and then it'll resave it here and re-upload the new image. I click save, and there we go. Now I can make it bigger if I want, or smaller, you know, just depending on my preference.

That's the easiest website builder because there are so many tools built in, and it's all just points and clicks to accomplish whatever you want. If I want to update this section, I can change this hero. I can browse and upload a new image and have the same image editing tools. Another part of why this is the easiest website builder to use is because it's already written all of the copy and text on the website for you. As you can see, I put in my business name Keegan's Tree Service Business. It's already written this from what it understands about tree service businesses and my name and information. It's written into the copy already. So you can skip sitting there and think of what to type out and write. Mighty Sites will write all the services, Mighty Sites will write all of the About Us section, the copy, and then you edit it to add or subtract things that make sense for your business.

Edit Text

So if I want to, in the about section, maybe I want to add something like I have over 20 years of experience. I type that in the, you know, just in the word editor, which is clear and straightforward. There. I saved it, closed it, and now it appears on my website. So again, easy-to-use Website builder. So you can see that I type that in, hit enter, and it's there.

So another nice thing that comes with this is that many website builders have to create a form or integrate a third-party service to try and have a contact form on their website. And then it's all clunky, and you have to figure out how to connect it. This one is way easier than that. So let me show you. So the website's built with a contact form depending on your type of business, but certainly, if you're a service business, the website will generate a contact form right there.

Generating Leads Through The Built-In Contact Form

So if people click on contact, it'll bring them to the form, and then you can change that to be quick, click to call, or things like that if you'd prefer. So let's say I want this contact button to, you know, just call me when people click on it. I can switch it over to that and click save. And now, when someone clicks on that, it'll call my business. Same with emailing me. If I'd prefer just emails or if I want a link to a calendar or things like that, I can do that too. But lemme show you this contact form. So I'll go here, type in keegan keegan mighty sites.com, put in my phone number, and then I need a tree service business. So I can enter that in and then click send. And now, as the customer, I'll get this message that my message has been sent. I can update any of this, too, to be at whatever I like.

But then, as the site owner, if this is your website for your small business and I go to the site dashboard, now I can see, I'll get an email that lets me know I have a lead. And then, if I go into View Leads, you can see that I've received a lead right here, so you can see what I sent. So now, if I own this tree service business, I can call or email to close the deal with the lead. It makes it easy to use your website to generate leads for your business. Then connecting Domain is super easy too. There's a step-by-step walkthrough here. So if you own a domain from Google Domains or GoDaddy and want to connect it to your site, you paste it here, and then it gives you very clear. It'll help identify where your Domain is registered.

Easy Custom Domain Connection

If you forgot, it'd give you instructions that you can provide to your domain registrar so that they can help connect the Domain to you. But it's a smooth process with clear instructions for connecting your Domain. Domains are another thing that is challenging to do most of the time. I think Mighty Sites makes it easy to connect your Domain, which is part of why I believe this is the easiest website builder. And then, you can update things like your location and your social media links back here or from the dashboard. Just go back to edit your Mighty site. And again, you can use the Point and Click editor to make any changes you want. You can stop editing if you're going to see what it looks like without those update section buttons. And then, you can go back to activate editing mode or the site dashboard.

Conclusion: Start Your Free Trial of This Easy-To-Use Website Builder

This is the easiest website builder because it's just a point-and-click editor. It's immaculate. It's easy to know where you're loading images, editing them, and writing the copy. And then part of what makes this so easy, too, is that everything's pre-done for you. So the images, the text, like it comes with a lot already built for you. So you're just making edits after that. And that's why when you're talking about the most uncomplicated website builders, that's why Mighty Sites is at the top of the list. Because it's just so easy to use, especially if you've never built a website before or you need a simple website for a small business, this is probably your best bet. It will save you time and money and be super easy from start to finish.

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