Easy Mobile Coffee Cart Website Builder - FAST & SIMPLE! [Video]

Craft a Stunning Coffee Cart Website in Minutes - No Tech Expertise Required!

If you've got a coffee cart available for events that's mobile, and you're looking for a professional, affordable website for your business to advertise it, you're definitely in the right place today. So, keep watching this video. Today, I'm going to be showing you how to use the Mighty Sites platform to do exactly that: build a simple website for your coffee cart mobile business. If you haven't heard of Mighty Sites before, we're pretty much built the platform to remove all the barriers for small businesses, solopreneurs, people with various side hustles, so they can have a professional, effective, and easy-to-update website for only nine dollars a month. There is a free trial available for seven days, so make sure you click on the link below this video to start that free trial. Once you've joined the platform, the very first thing it's going to ask you is to search for your market at the top. Now, we have hundreds of different markets to choose from for various small businesses. We are adding more markets every single week. But let's go ahead and search for "Coffee Cart Catering". There it is, over there. Let's go ahead and select that template. Great!

Video Transcript

It's time to share a few basic details about our business, so it can generate a simple website for us. It doesn't matter where in the world your business is located. You can use the Mighty Sites service. We have happy users from all around the globe. Let's click on "Continue" and let Mighty Sites work its magic with the information I've just put in. And there you have it! It literally took a couple of seconds. Let's take a closer look at what it's come up with together. Now, the beauty of Mighty Sites is we've actually pre-written all the content for you as a guideline, of course. We've pre-selected all the images as well. They're all really high quality, as you can see, completely free for you to use as well. However, I'm sure you've got some of your own images of all the beautiful coffee you're serving up, maybe at weddings or events, and you want to showcase them on your website. Maybe make one or two amendments to that content that was pre-written for you. Perhaps you don't offer all those services. Today, I'm going to be showing you exactly how to do that. You don't need to know any website coding or be a web professional in any kind of way. Even if you're not that tech-savvy, you can literally do this all by yourself.

So, let's get started. I'm gonna click on the first section at the top and go ahead and pop in my email address over here. Let's go ahead and click on that box to display my email address on my website. Let's pop in my phone number over here. Your address, your physical location... considering you may be mobile, maybe you don't have a physical location, but if you want to put one in, pop it in over there. Customers can actually click on that address and be taken directly to Google Maps when it is live on your website. And update social links: you can put in your various social media platforms your business is active on. Icons will be displayed at the top, as well as at the bottom of your website.

And in the next section, if you have a logo for your business, you can go ahead and browse your device and upload it over here as an example. Once it's been uploaded, you can click on that pencil to make slight amendments. You can crop it, rotate it, add filters or frames. Otherwise, click on "Save". Here on the right, you can make the logo bigger and smaller. If you don't have a logo and you don't have a huge budget, maybe you're just starting out with your business, check out Canva.com or Hatchful.com. I've personally used them both myself. They're really great for free logo creation. With Mighty Sites, as well, we've pre-selected the colors for you. I think this color is really fitting. However, if it doesn't go with your branding, you can change it. Click on that paint bucket in the bottom right-hand corner. Go through the various color palettes available for you to use.

Now, for each section you want to make amendments to, click on "Update Section" directly underneath it. Head on over to "Update Image". This is where you can browse your device for your own images. Otherwise, search through the photo library. There's hundreds of images to choose from, as you can see. Otherwise, if you head back to the photo options, you now have the option to connect your Instagram accounts, if you have one. With a click of a button, automatically pull in all those Instagram images, instead of uploading them all individually. Very convenient! And "Update Action": you can change that button text. Currently, it says "View Our Coffee Menu". If you do have a coffee menu, you can choose a link here. You can even upload a PDF file. Otherwise, link to various other places. And "Update Contents" is where you can change all that content that was pre-written for you. Make it a little bit more personalized to your business. Let your customers know how you got into this industry and why you love your business.

In the last section, we have a lead generation form. Customers can reach out to you here. You will get notified by your registered email address as leads come in. Also, keep track of all your leads in your Mighty Sites dashboard. Now, if you have a custom domain for your business, click on that yellow button at the bottom. If you don't have a custom domain and you'd like to purchase one, you can do so as well by clicking on that yellow button over there. Make your website look more professional, trustworthy, and stand out from all your competitors. I really hope this tutorial was helpful in building a website for your business. Really wishing you and your business mighty success.

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