How to Create A Basic Website For Your DJ Business [Video Tutorial]

DJ Business Webpage Creator Demo Video

This video tutorial shows you how to create a DJ service website in less than 60 seconds using the Mighty Sites webpage creator.

Mighty Sites is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to create a website for your small business.

Video Transcription

This is to create a DJ service business website using the Mighty Sites system.

All I need to do is go to and then click start free trial. I begin by entering my name, and then I enter my email address.

Once I've typed in that information, I click continue. Then all I need to do is find my business name here. If I can't find my business name, I just click here to manually add information. So I'm going to click on my business name and continue. Then I'll be presented with information on the web about my business information. If all of this looks good, great. If not, I just need to update something. I click on update and can easily edit and save the new information. All this looks good to me. So I'm gonna click next here.

I'm presented with all the different templates available for small businesses. So I'm gonna click on my DJ service because that's the type of business I'm trying to build a website for. I click on DJ service and use artificial intelligence.

My website is completed for me. So it has images that are pre-licensed for me to use. It has information pre-written about the business that I can easily edit. And now, I have a professional website for my business in just a couple clicks. If this all looks good, I proceed to activate and customize it to launch here.

It'll prompt me to activate my site for only $9 a month, and then I can easily edit any content and launch my website. Now I'm going to log out of this account and log in to an account that already has a paid site. I'm going to navigate to my DJ website and show you how easy it is to update the site after I've activated it. So if I need to change any of this information up here, I can easily click to update that section or update social media links.

So let's just say I want to link to my Facebook page,, and I click save. And now it'll populate right here with the link to my mighty sites, uh, Facebook page, where my DJ service Facebook page looks good. I can close it out and move on to the next section.

Suppose I want to update any of this information, like my contact information or any of this text. In that case, I can quickly type it in there and save my contact button. If I want it to say contact me or something else, I can edit that there instead of contacting us. And then I can choose where I want this to link to. So let's just say I want it to link to a phone call. I can switch so that when somebody clicks on that button, it automatically calls me or if my business was appropriate for this. I wanted them to go to a specific location.

I can click on the location. If I want them to visit another website, I can type in the new website address here. But I think, for now, I'll leave this as wanting people to call me to book my DJ services, save that. And now, if someone clicks on this button, it'll automatically call me so they can book my services with any of these sections. I can easily update the text, images, and links or browse and upload new photos of myself, my business, or me in action.

Once that's all set and complete, I'm good to go. I can stop editing, move back to my site dashboard, and connect my own domain to a service like GoDaddy or And I'm done. I've created a brand new professional website for my DJ service in just a matter of less than a minute.

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