How To Create A Laundromat Website [Video]

Laundromat Website Template

Learn how to create a simple website for your laundromat using the laundry website template from Mighty Sites. This video demo shows you exactly how to set up and deploy a website for your laundromat using our easy-to-use website generator.

Video Transcription

We'll show you how to create a simple website for your laundromat business. Today I'll be demonstrating the Mighty Site's laundromat website template.

Click on Start Free Trial to Get Started

So you can click start free trial launch, scroll down to clothing services, and click on laundromat to get started. I will jump right into my side because I already have an account with mighty sites, and I will click on the laundromat. So the first thing I need to do is find my business name. I like this business's positive spin laundry click continue right here. I can update my email address or my location. Any information there is super easy. I can also update my hours. Let's pretend I'm closed on Saturdays if I want a mark. I can mark it closed on Saturdays and click save, but we're open 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. So I'm just going to click 7:00 PM open.

And then we close at 9:00 PM. Super easy to click save. And then my hours are all set. Once this basic information is ready, click looks good next, and Mighty Sites will automatically generate a brand new, simple professional website using the laundromat template to showcase your laundromat. And now, this comes with pre-licensed images and texts that you can use for your business website. But if you prefer, you can change any of these by activating the template and editing it. So I'll show you how to do that again. I have an account. I just clicked start my site. It's only $9 a month, which is an excellent price for a website hosting the template and the editor, and you can even connect your domain for that price. So I'm just going to click on activate your site now. And once I do, it'll charge my account at $9 a month. But you'll have to put in your credit card at that point.

Editing The Simple Laundromat Website Template

So now I can update the laundromat website template, and here I go to the update section. I can edit any of the content here. I can update the social link. So let's say you have a Facebook page or anything like that for your laundromat. I just updated that. And now I have the Twitter icon, which links to my Twitter account. Same for any of these other channels. You can do that here if you need to update your location information. If you need to change the menu or link to another website, you can do that here. Suppose you want to edit, like have a picture of the front of your laundromat or something here.

In that case, you browse and pull up the image, upload it there, quickly replace the photo, change the menu items, and link to anything else you can link to other websites or different sections of your website. That's all set. Good to go. Let's say you want to update this section and say you have served the community for over 15 years. Type it in there. If you want it to, you know, be taped down, you can tap it down like that, tap down a couple of spaces, whatever works best for the text that you want to add. And then let's say for contact.

Adding Links and Additional Editing Functions

Us, let's say you want that too. Instead of going to the website's contact section, you want customers to be able to call you. You can click confirm like that, and you can even change this to call us today if you want something like that. So I click on that. Again, it's super easy to edit the laundromat website template. We built the website for that purpose. So you could just quickly create a simple professional temp website for your laundromat business. You can change directions if you want to update any of this call to action buttons, to get directions to come to visit, or anything like that. It is easy to link to a different website or link to the location section of your website. Or if you want, when they click on the driving directions, it will automatically hyperlink to directions so they can drive, you know, follow the directions right to your store. You can do that too.

Launch Your New Laundromat Website

So again, the building is very easy to develop, manage, and edit. So you've got a tremendously simple website for your laundromat with a very easy-to-use laundromat website template. So thanks for checking it out. It's a great program at a great price.

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