How to Create A Simple Computer Repair Business Website [Video Demo]

Computer Repair Service Website Template

Learn how to create a simple website for your computer repair service business. The Mighty Sites system has a simple, easy-to-edit computer repair service website template for you to use to promote your business.

Video Transcription

Getting Started Generating Your New Computer Repair Service Website

You know how to create a simple website for your computer repair service business. Now, this website can work whether you have a physical, like brick-and-mortar location, whether you work from home or whether you're a mobile computer repair service. So all you do to get started is click start free trial, click launch, or you can scroll down right here and click on computer repair service. Now I'll go right to my back end of the system, computer repair service, and click here to get started. The first step is to enter your business name. So I'm just going to put in computer repair, and let's pretend this is my business right here. Click continue. It'll show me the hours and information about my business. I can add my email or edit any of this information. Looks good. I click save. If I want to update hours, I can go in here and say, " Oh, we're open from, let's go, 11:00 AM until 4:30 PM on Sundays.

Making Edits To The Template

But as we know, we're closed, so I'll go back here. Click closed, and click save super easy to edit. The next step looks good next. And it automatically generates a simple professional website with pre-licensed images. Pre-Licensed text, and my business information, were all entered into the template to give me a simple professional website for my computer repair service business. Now, if I want to activate and customize this, I must click here and start this site to customize and launch. Now it's only $9 a month. That includes hosting the computer repair service website template. The ability to connect a custom domain and the editor I'm about to show you. So it's a great deal. So I click to activate your site now, and then I click on here to update my site. Now I can easily edit any section you've got a computer repair business to do and fix people's computers.

Adding Links and Making Updates to the Computer Repair Service Template

Make the website easy for you to enter your social media links. And you'll see the Twitter account there. Update your location. Or again, as I mentioned, let's say you work from home. You don't want your home address there. Get rid of that address. Update any of the menu items. Quickly move them around, and add a new link. Let's say you want to link to another website or another part of this website or invite people to call you. You can do any of that easily there. If you want to update your image, you can easily jump in there and update your new business image. You can enter any of the contact information or any of the text super easily. So I want to go in here and showcase for you. We have experienced computer repair professionals. That's very easy to enter that information and then click save. But I'll, I'll erase that for now. Let's say to contact us. Maybe you want them to call you when they click on that. Assuming many people will be on mobile, click save. Now, this is hyperlinked for mobile to make a phone call. So again, this is an easy-to-edit template. You can change any of your services, but again, if this works for you and you don't need to change any services or images, then the good news is that all of this is pre-licensed for you to use and launch your site.

Connecting a custom Domain and Launching the Site

So once this is good to go, and you're happy with the computer repair service business template, click stop editor, go back to the site dashboard, and connect your domain. You enter the domain name here. Oh, and I should mention that this also comes with a secure certificate for the site. I'll include that $9 a month. So then you go to Google domains, or if you have goad your, you enter that domain here. Then we'll give you simple instructions to follow to update your domain so that it points back to this server and this website. And then you're good to go. And then, you can come in here and easily edit your website anytime. Otherwise, enjoy the benefits of a great new, simple professional website that doesn't take you long to build and is super fast, easy, and affordable.

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