How To Create A Webpage For Your Towing Company Using Mighty Sites [Video Tutorial]

How To Create A Webpage For Your Towing Company Using Mighty Sites

This video shows you how to use the Mighty Sites system to create a simple, professional website for your towing company.

By answering a few simple questions and with a few clicks you can deploy a ready to go website for your towing company quickly and easily.

Video Transcription

Can talk about how to create a towing business website in less than a minute using the robust site system. So the first thing that you can do is click on start free trial launch, or scroll down on the homepage, click on the automotive business, then click on towing service. Since I already have an account, I will jump right in. I'm going to click on automotive and towing services. Now it will ask me for my business name, which I will enter in Oasis towing company. Then I'm going to click continue. Now I can see my business information here. If I want to add any hours of operation, I can do that here, uh, and quickly. So I can put in my hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. I can add my hours. Let's say on the other day, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Once that's all said, I can click save for my hours.

Once everything looks good, I click next and mighty sites will automatically generate a professional, mobile responsive mobile friendly website for my towing company. Now all I need to do to make this my website is activate it, which will charge me $9 a month. That's it for hosting, the website, and all the tools. Click Activate. And now, if I want to make any updates and click here, I can easily update any section of the site to add my social links and update my location. I can change the photo or move around the links and change the links I want. There. I can even Mo go down here and change the contact us to maybe I just wanted to call me somebody wants clicks on connection. There we go. That's all set. I can change any text, and I can see what she is writing quickly and easily. So it's super easy to edit the template for creating a website for your towing business. Now, once that's all set, I can click, stop editing, connect my domain, and I'm all set with my brand new towing website for my towing business.

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