How To Make A Basic Accounting Business Website [Video]

How To Make A Basic Accountant Business Website

Learn how to create a basic accounting firm website in less than a minute using the Mighty Sites website generator. This system will use your busines information to automatically create a simple, professional one-page website for your accounting business.

Video Transcript

Then I'm going to show you how quick and easy it is to create a website for your accounting firm using the Mighty Site system. It takes less than a minute. So I'm going to scroll down here and click on accounting. And this is going to take me right into the system. I will jump into my back end to show you how easy this is. So I'm going to do the same thing. Click on accounting. And the first thing I need to do is find my accounting business name. So I'll click type in accounting. Here's my business. Click over here, and I can see information about my business. If I want to update any of this, I can do it right here. If I want to update my hours, I can go in here and just quickly and easily add the hours that I'm open to every day.

When I'm ready, click save. Once all that looks good, click next. And just like that, I have a brand new professional accounting business website. The next step is activating this site and paying $9 a month. That's all it costs. And then, I can click right here to update my site and easily update any of my social links, phone numbers, or contact information. I can update my logo and update the menu items. If I want to change photos or text, I can easily click on update, edit the text, or browse and update the image directly from my computer. Click save. If I'd like people to call me instead of directions, I can click on the action button and quickly and easily change this to calling me, me, and clicking here. Call us and save it. And that's how easy it is. And then, once I'm all ready to go, I can quickly and easily connect my domain and launch my brand new accounting business website.

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