How To Make A Carpet Cleaning Business Website [Video Tutorial]

How To Make A Carpet Cleaning Business Website

Learn how to make a carpet cleaning business website for your carpet cleaning service. This video tutorial guides you through setting up a simple, professional website for your carpet cleaning service.

Video Transcription

Create a simple carpet cleaning business website using the carpet cleaning template from Mighty Sites.

Start Your Free Trial

So I can click right here on start free trial, I can click over here on launch to get started, or I can even click down here on carpet cleaning to select my business. So right here, I'm just going to click on carpet cleaning service. And once I do, I can find my business just by looking for it here. All right. So here's my business click next. It will automatically find my location information, which I can easily update by clicking update. It's going to see the hours that I provide my service, and I can also easily click on the arrow to edit the pencil. If everything looks good, I can leave it as is once it looks good. I click looks good next.

Review Your Carpet Cleaning Website Theme

And my brand new professional carpet cleaning business website has been created. So it's super easy to make this. It's got my business information, location, and phone number. All that information is clear and accurate about my carpet cleaning business on this template. So once I'm ready to go, I click activate, and it's $9 a month. That includes the editor, website hosting, and everything for the super, super affordable price of $9 a month.

Edit Your New Website With Your Business and Service Information

I click activate, and now I can edit my carpet cleaning business website template. So I click on update, and now it's really easy to edit the carpet cleaning template. So I just clicked on the update section. I can update the social links here. So if I want to add, let's say, the Mighty Sites, which I have here, the mighty sites, and the Twitter account, you can see the Twitter logo appears at the top, right?

Automatically for me, just by entering my Twitter handle. If you have a Facebook page, the same thing will happen. So I can put in my Twitter account, click save, and now I've got that link. So all my social channels will link easily there. If I want to update my location or I don't want to show my address, I can simply remove it like that and save my city and state. So all of that is set to save it and close it. Let's say I want to change the menu items. I can easily click here and add menu items or revise them or reorder the menu items. If I'd prefer to, I can also upload a new image if I'd like a different image as the background image here, whatever I'd like to do. So I can save that and close it. Now, I can click on update if I'd like to add more text. I mean, here and say we have been in business for 20 years, right? And then I can save that, and it'll update the text nicely and efficiently. If I want them to call me when they click on this button, I can go here and choose which type of link so I can link to another website. I can link to a different section on my website, or I can click on actions, and I can link to, you know, click to call and confirm it and save.

Connect Your Booking Software

And we're good. Now let's say that you're using some booking software or something like that. Maybe you're using a free tool like Calendly. So I'll go to my ly link. There's a free option for Calendly to create a booking solution, but for any booking solution you have, you have to copy that link. Your unique link to your calendar or your booking solution. And let's say you want to have people book right on your website. You can go here to directions, and I'm going to update the action button and say book a cleaning, and then under choosing the link, just click a link to another website to confirm it's my booking. And then, I save the action button, close it, and look at the book cleaning. And if I click on it, it takes me right to the calendar I've created.

So you can easily add to any booking software. So it's really easy to use professional carpet cleaning and business website template. That's built just for your type of business.

Connect Your Domain and Launch Your New Carpet Cleaning Business Website

Once I'm done, I can stop editing and return to my site dashboard. And if I want to connect my domain, it's really easy. I paced my domain in here and then updated the account information with my registrar, like GoDaddy or or Google domain, whomever I'm using, and that's it. So that's how you can quickly and easily create a great business website for your carpet cleaning business using the Mighty Sites carpet cleaning website template.

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