How To Make A Consignment Shop Website [Video]

How To Make A Consignment Store Website

Learn to create a simple website for you consigment shop using this easy website builder. All you need to do is enter your business information and edit the template to create a simple and professional website for your consignment store.

Video Transcript

I will show you how to quickly and easily create a simple business website for a consignment shop.

Getting Started with The Consignment Store Website Builder

So you can start right here on Mighty Sites and go to start a free trial or launch, or if you scroll down right here, we've got all the types of small business templates. And you can click right here on clothing stores and then select your type of clothing store. For today I'm going to use a consignment shop. So I'm already there on the back end in my system. So the same experience you'll have, you click consignment shop, and then you find the name of your store. So let's say I see a consignment shop here and click continue. Then what's going to populate is a chance to update your hours, email address, or anything like that. If it all looks good, you can click save.

You can update your hours over here. So you can click quickly and easily on any day you're open or closed. Just click the pencil and edit and save those hours. So let's say I'm closed on Saturday. Click on that closed Saturday. If I change that and I'm open from eight 30 until 5:00 PM, there we go. Now it's all set. So that's super easy to edit your basic business information, and if everything looks good, you click looks good next. And there you go.

Preview Your New Theme

So the system will automatically generate a simple professional website template for you to use for your consignment shop. And as I scroll through, you can see my hours and directions. These images are all pre-licensed for you to use with a template. And using artificial intelligence, we write a little about your consignment shop based on our information.

But it's super easy to edit any of this information after the fact. So this provides you with an introductory preview of the template to activate, customize, and launch your site. If you click on this, it's only $9 a month, including the template, the editor hosting the website, and your ability to link your custom domain too. So I'm just going to click activate. This is where you'd put in your credit card information for the subscription, but for me, I'm already logged into the backend. So then I click on update my site here. And this is how easy it is to edit the consignment shop website template.

Editing Your New Website

You can go up here and click on update, update any of the information. If you want to add your social media, like, let's say I want to add my Twitter, you can see my Twitter icon and link just populated there.

Click on save and Close. I can also edit YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Everything's right there for me. Close that. If I want to change the main image to like an actual picture of my store, I can do that too. Or I can use the idea of the tier. I can rearrange the menu items, add a new menu item, and choose it to link to a different spot on my one-page website or another website or other action items here. I can also update the image. But if everything looks good, just close.
I can also update the section. So if I want to add more text or something different, say, " We have been in business for 20 years, right? Whatever you want to add. It's, it's really easy to add text, edit it, hyperlink it, things like that. If you wish to change this call to action button, you can go over here to choose the link and choose a different action. So you can have them call when they click on it, click on directions, and let's say you do directions and then, you know, get directions. You can change that call to action link too. And when they click on this on mobile, it'll be hyperlinked right to directions to your store, which is nice. So again, changing images is easy. Let's say I want to change that image.

I can upload it from my browser. If I want to change anything here, I can also change those. But if everything looks good and I'm happy with the site, I can stop editing and return to the dashboard.

Connect a Custom Domain & Launch Your New Website

And here's where I can connect my custom domain. I type in my domain here. Then there are simple instructions to update your Google domains, GoDaddy, or, wherever you have your website registered. And that's it. So for $9 a month and just a few minutes, you can create a simple professional business website for your consignment shop using the consignment shop website template from Mighty Sites.

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