How To Make A Food Truck Website - Instantly [Video]

How To Make A Food Truck Website

This video blog shows you how to create a website for your food truck. With Mighty Sites, you can create a simple food truck website quickly and easily. Watch the video tutorial and start your free trial today.

Video Transcription

Hi everyone. Thanks for joining me today. I will show you exactly how to instantly create a website for your food truck. So Mighty Sites makes it easy to make small business websites. All you have to do is go in here and search for your theme. So for this, I'm going to find Food Truck because that's the type of business we're doing today. There is a premade template for barbecue food trucks, burgers, food trucks, and Mexican food trucks. And then some other restaurant templates come up too. Now we're adding new templates all the time. So if you are still looking for your food truck type there, pick one of the other templates. You'll be able to customize it quickly or check again to see if your business type is in there.

Start By Selecting The Food Truck Website Template

But for now, I'll pick the Mexican food truck template. So we'll click on that, pretend that's what I have. The first thing that I do is enter in, and this is only $9 a month. So Mighty Sites is cheap and easy to create a simple professional website for your food truck. So it's only $9 a month. That includes everything, the hosting, the template, the editor, and everything I'm about to show you. So super cool and super affordable, and there's a seven-day free trial. So I'm going to type in here Keegan's Food Truck. Let's say I'm in Denver, Colorado. And then business type. This, I'm going to go to a restaurant. So click continue. The first thing I do is put in my phone number. So there we go. And I can add my email too. And then click continue. And then let's put the address so I can put whatever address you know I'm usually located at.

Answer The Questions To Add Your Business Details

And don't worry, you can put this if you have a business address too. You can change this and hide it from the website too. So it's no problem. It's just an address to get you started. So then I'm going to go over here and, say, hours of operation. Usually, my food truck's open from 12:00 PM until 11:00 PM, and then again, you can hide or showcase this. If it's relevant to you, fill it out, or you can click right here, which is what I'm going to do. Skip adding hours because something other than that might be relevant for your food truck. So once this all looks good, though, I will click. Looks good next. And now, just like that, Mighty Sites will instantly deploy a simple professional website for my food truck to get me started. So you can see how the templates here, there are images included that are pre-licensed for me to use, and now it's really, and then if I go like this, you can see that that's mobile-friendly too.

Review The Food Truck Website Template

So I can inspect it like this and show you that because you want this to work well on a smartphone. So if I go like this, you can see it's all geared up to work well on a smartphone, too, which is lovely and exactly what you need. Customizing this site is easy from here. So the first thing I can do is update the section. If I have like social media links, I can go in here, enter, and enter my Twitter. So I'll enter my Twitter address, and then I can go over here. I can join my Facebook page.
So once I've entered those, and of course, you can copy and paste yours in there. Now you'll see my Twitter and Facebook show up on the site. Now the other thing I can do is I can change the colors. So bright blue works for me, or maybe more earth-tone green is appropriate for my business. There's also this red and green; they're all different color palettes, and themes are included here. So you can pick the one that works the best for your business and makes sense for your business type. And once you find the one you like, you can save it and close it. And now you've got a brand new color theme color palette for your business. So I'm just going to click through. Let's see which one we want to go with.

Change The Website Color Theme

I like this blue one. Just see, there's a kind. Let's see which one makes sense. There's a pink one here, you know, but you can, you can see, play around, and there are different templates that are being added all the time too, and all other color sets as well. So you can pick the one that works best. I'm going to go with this one for now. It fits with the background colors and the things we have here. So once you add your social links, you can go in here, update a logo, and update your location information if you want. You can also choose to show your email on the website. And if you don't want it to show, that's fine too. You can also, if I go to the update section location, know you can delete this too if you don't. If you want to say the city and state, I can save that.
Now it just says I'm in Denver, Colorado too. Because obviously, food trucks move around. So then I can go over here to the menu. If I want to add more menu items, I type in here whatever the text is. I can choose where it links to my website, another website, or a call to action. I can upload a pdf. Once I have those added, I click add to the menu, then I save my menu, and I'm all set. For the logo, let's create a simple logo. If you still need one, I recommend you go to Canva. It's an excellent tool for just making a simple logo. And then it's inexpensive too. So if I look for a logo, let's say I'll do a Mexican restaurant, and you can see there are all these premade logos for a Mexican restaurant.

Let's go with this one. This is pretty neat. And then I'm going to, let's go with the white background—so Mexican Food Truck logo. So let's download this from Canva, always as a jpeg, because that's a faster loading file for the internet, for websites. So now I'll browse over here. I'll look in my downloads. Here's my Mexican food truck logo. So I'll upload that. And now it's going to be easy for me to make this bigger or smaller. As soon as it's uploaded, I click save, and there's my logo. Now I can make it bigger by clicking on the button. I can make it smaller, or I can go in right here and click on the pencil, and I can edit it, which I'm going to do. I'm going to crop this a little bit.

Upload and Edit Your Food Truck's Logo

I've made it fit better and get rid of that down there. I could filter it, fine, tune it, annotate it. All these logos and image editing tools are built into Mighty Sites, making them excellent and easy to use. So you can see save the logo. There we go. That looks pretty good. Now I like the look of that logo. So now you can see it's coming right along. Again, if I want to make any further edits, I want to fine-tune it or add a filter. I could do that, too, with the background or change the colors. But if everything looks good, I can leave it as is. And that works for my site. Now, over here, you have three calls to action.

Upload Your Menu to Your Website

So you have to view our menu, get directions, and order online. So for this, I suggest you change this in the get direction section. So if your food truck's always in the exact or very similar location, you can get directions. But if you move around a lot and are always at different locations, it might make more sense to upload something else. So you might want to go in here and be like common locations and then save that action button and then go over here to like a PDF, and you could upload a pdf that talks about where you're commonly located. And then people can click on that and see, you know, your common location. That is an easy way to do it. The other thing you could do is the link to another website where you're commonly located or anything with your information on it. You could do that.

Edit The Calls To Action

Or you could say, you know, click to call and say, you know, find us today. Right? And then it would be a click to call. And if somebody's looking, they want to eat at your food truck that day. Now they can call and talk to you about your location, right? So that's one way you can use that button to order online. If you offer that through toast or something like that, that is a great option. If not, you could link this to your menu, which works well for businesses. Or you could do something like click to call. You may want people to call us and find out more. You could have that link to call you, or you could always add your address consistently and then have that be the click direction.

So it all just depends on what you want those to be. And then if I go like this, save, so now you can see I can also get rid of it. So if I prefer, hey, I don't want to call to action there right now, I'd rather say something about what we offer, which is authentic Mexican cuisine. I can leave it like that. And then available for party's weddings office. If so, that's good to promote, too, right? So I can leave that as is. Find us today. Now call me. And then, I want to upload my menu. I'm going over here to choose a link pdf, upload a pdf, and browse my computer. And I have a menu here as an example. So I'm just going to upload this. You would upload the PDF of your menu, of course.

Connect A Custom Domain and Launch Your Website

I'm going to click confirm and save Close. And now, when somebody clicks on this, they can see our menu. And that's the same thing. If they go up to the top and click on the menu, it takes them right here, and they can click on and open the menu for your food drop too. Any of these images you can upload, change, or edit is an excellent, easy way to create a simple website for your food truck. And now, if I go back to stop editing and go back to my site dashboard, I can connect a custom domain. I can edit any of my location or business information here. I can connect a custom domain. So if I have a domain like through GoDaddy, or, or anything like that, I can paste it in there. And there are obvious step-by-step instructions about what you should tell your registrar to get this domain connected to your Mighty Site's website. And then, once you're all done, you can go back and keep editing the site, but jump in there and play around. It's a straightforward way, again, only $9 a month to create a simple professional website for your food truck. And it can come to life as you add your specific images and texts to it too. So just like that, we've created a simple website for your food truck.

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