How to Make a Hair Stylist Website - THE EASY WAY! [Video]

How To Make A Website For A Hair Stylist

Make a website for a hair stylist the easy way! Mighty Sites makes it really easy to create a website for your hair stylist business. Watch the video tutorial below then start your free trial of the Mighty Sites small business website builder.

Video Transcription

Hi, and welcome, everyone. Today I'm going to show you the simple, easy, and fast way to create an excellent professional website for a hair stylist using Mighty Sites. This is a small business website builder, so all I need to do is start my free trial. Go here. It's only $9 a month, so it's cheap and affordable to have that lovely professional online business card on your website for a hairstylist. I will search for a hairstylist to select the template for that. Then the first thing I'm going to do I'm just going to put in my name. So, Keegan, I'll just put Keegan Hairstyle design. And then I'm just going to put in the city. So I'm in Denver, Colorado. And the type of business, this is a service business, and click continue. Now, the beauty of this system is that it simply and easily presents a simple professional website template automatically generated for you with text, images, contact forms, and all of the hard work of really designing a website that's all taken out of the picture for you.

Changing Color Themes

So you can edit it and launch your simple professional website. Now, the first thing I may want to do is change colors. So it's easy to go in and select all the different color themes and find one that you prefer for your business. As you can see, each of these color themes gives a distinct personality and look to the website. So what I suggest is, you know, go through the colors, find one that works with your logo, with your brand, with the image you're trying to go for, and pick one that makes sense for your business, and it really can have a significant impact on the overall look of the site. So there's a few that I'm going to look through here and see what I think, how they look. A few different ones I like.

Let's check out this blue theme that looks pretty sharp. That could be the look you're going for on your hairstylist website. If you like that one, go with that. Let me look at a couple of others. I like these gold themes, too. That looks nice. And again, there are tons of different pieces here. So you pick the one you know that you feel best represents your business and your brand. I'm going with this one for now because I like that look. That looks pretty sharp, but again, you find the color theme that you think makes the most sense for your business, giving you a look that you feel happy and comfortable with for your website. And there are all types of different template options per the theme. So, pick the one that you like best and get started.

Making Edits To The Hair Stylist Website Template

So once I have that, it's time to edit the site. I will go up here to the top and update the section. Now, as a hair stylist, I want people to be able to reach me quickly, so I'm going to add my email address here and select to show that on the website. The next thing I'm going to do is to add my phone number, and once I have my phone number in, I'm going to save that. Now my phone number and email are there; I'll refresh this quickly because we're changing the colors to get the icons to show more prominently. So now I've reached my phone number, my email, that looks nice. It makes sense to add your social media sites, too, so people can get to know you. So I'm going to add my Instagram account and let's say I want to add my Facebook page, too, so you can copy and paste those.

Edit Website Links

But I'm going to. I'm going to type them in for ease right now. So now you can see the header sections starting to come together. If you do have a specific location, you work out of as a hairstylist that you want to share. You can put that in here. But if not, you can just put your city and state, which works fine. And then, you can go over here to update the section. And if you want to add menu items, so you want to add more to your navigation, you add menu items here, and you can select those to link to a pdf. If you want to upload rates or information, you can have those linked to call you. They can link to other places on your website, or they can link to a different website altogether too. So it again depends on what you prefer.

Upload and Edit Your Logo

But this website builder is super easy, as you can see. And a professional website's starting to come together for only $9 a month, which is pretty impressive. I suggest uploading a logo. If you don't have a logo, no problem, you can leave it as yours, as your name. If you are interested in putting together a logo quickly, go to, where you can easily create a logo. So I'm just going to go to Canva. It's cheap and easy. I'm just going to select the logo, and then I'm just going to search for hairstyle. And you can see all these pre-made logos for hairstylists for your business. So you can select the one that you prefer. I'm going to go with this one right here. That looks pretty cool.

So I'm just going to call this hair stylist logo Keegan. And then I'm going to download it, and I'm going to download it as a jpeg that's better for the web. And so now I save myself all that energy of designing a logo. And I've got one that looks pretty cool. I'm going to upload this right here. So simple and easy to upload images. And now, as soon as it's uploaded, I'm going to click save, and I can see, okay, it looks like it's a little small, two buttons up here. "Make it a bigger" button or make it a smaller button. I'm going to click on "Make it bigger." That works. But there's too much space around the image. So I'm going to click on this little pencil here, which will bring up all these I image edit image editing tools. So I can filter, fine, tune, decorate, and frame it.

These are all built-in for any image you upload to the system. So the first thing I'm going to crop this is here. Okay, that looks good once I've got that cropped down. So I'm going to click done, and it's uploading the new version, save the logo, and you can see, okay, now it's a little bigger there. It got rid of some of that space around it. So let me close this. That looks sharp now. I like that logo. And as you can see, the header of my website is coming together, so I can click on stop editing at any point and see what it looks like without those update section buttons. And the website's starting to come together pretty sharply already, and I've only had to do a couple of things.

So now, let me go back to editing mode. So I click on activate editing mode, and I will go down here full-service hair salon. That may or may not make sense for you or your use of this template. It could be your salon, but you could be just wanting people to find you specifically as a hair stylist online. You could be working out of your home too and, you know, be a single person doing hair stylist work directly from your home. It depends on what your business model is. So that's why these are just easily customizable. So if instead of a full-service salon, you're just like a, you want to say, professional hair stylist, right? That's how you want to market it. You can type that in right here. You can edit this subtitle too.

Edit Hero Text and Call-To-Action Buttons

So if you like what it says by default, that's awesome. If you want to change it to just anything else that you can, you want to say, like, 15 years of experience at your service, right? It depends on what message you want to say about your business. And then schedule your hair appointment. We usually have this link to the lead form section by default. So I'll show you that so I can save it and close it. And now, if someone comes and views this, they click on this, it'll bring them right here, and this will submit them as a new inquiry to your business. You'll get an email saying a new person sent this on the site. And then you'll be able to access it, and I'll show you that in a minute.

You'll be able to access all your leads through your website for services. But if you want to, if you're using like online booking too, which is excellent, lemme show you Calendly. If you don't have an online booking right now, Calendly is free. It has a free version. You can link it to your calendar, set up available appointment slots for yourself, and let people book appointments through Canva. So that's an excellent solution for hair stylists. I'm going to go to the update section, and I want people to be able to do that. I'm going to go to the link to another website, paste in my Calendly link, close it, and now if I save this, click on schedule your hair appointment. Now people can go there and schedule their appointment with my business. So again, super easy to use.

It would help if you leveraged tools like Canva or Calendly Lead to use those enhancements. You can pay for something other than expensive software. You can use things like that. Or, again, you can have this link to call you if you'd prefer that. You can have it just linked to call you, link to email, you link to, you know, your lead form too. So it can be whatever you want it to be. For this, it's always nice too. You can include a testimonial or quote. But again, it's really easy to update this. So the contact, let's have that link to call me. There we go.

Confirm that. Save it. Now, if someone clicks on that on a smartphone, it'll call me automatically. You can also have it email you or go to directions, whatever works best. I'm going to go right here, and I'm going to type in, this is how you make a website for a hairstylist.

As you can see, I point and click what I want to say, easily editing it. If I want to go to any of these sections and upload a new photo, I browse my computer type to edit any of the text. Easy to do. So now I'll go down here and show you that if somebody wants to schedule an appointment, they can type in their name and contact information, put in the phone number, and then my message. I am interested in finding a new hairstylist.

Generate Bookings and Leads For Your Hair Stylist Business

Okay, so I'm going to send that, and then it'll say a nice little thank you, your message has been sent. And then I can return here to stop editing. So here's what my website looks like on a screen. It's well done in just a few minutes. I have a simple professional website for my hairstylist business, and I can go back here to activate editing mode if I want, or I can click on the stop editing site dashboard. And from here, you see I. It says one new lead. So this will show my information. I will get an email informing me that I have a new lead for my services, and their information will be there.

Connect Your Custom Domain

And then, once you're ready, connect your domain. Simple instructions help you navigate the process of connecting your domain to your website. You're good to go as soon as that's up and running and your domain's connected. You've launched your website for only $9 a month, and now you have a simple professional website for your hair stylist business that you can use as your online business card to attract new customers and grow your business. So hope that helps—best of luck with your hair stylist business and your new website.

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