How To Make A One Page Website For A Roofing Contractor [Video]

How To Make A One Page Website For A Roofing Business

Learn how to make a one page website for your roofing contractor business. This video blog shows you the step-by-step process for using Mighty Sites to create a simple mobile-friendly one page website for your roofing business.

Video Transcription

Hey everyone, and thanks for joining me here today. So in today's video, I will show you how to make a simple professional one page website for a roofing contractor.

Why Roofers Need Websites For Their Business

So if you're a roofing contractor, you run a great business, and you're looking for a way to get your name out there a little more. Building a complicated website or hiring somebody for a web development project can seem like, if you use a typical web builder, it will take you forever. It will look better than you want it to look. And then, you have to hire somebody paying them thousands of dollars, hard-earned money, to build you a website. In this video, we'll talk about how easy it is to create a one page website for local businesses using Mighty Sites. And today, we're explicitly going to build a website for a roofing contractor.

Now, why is a website so important for your business? As a roofing contractor, having that online business card is essential. And so I picked out a company here, Colorado Roof Experts, that looks like a great business and does an excellent job, but they need a website. So you can see, even when I search for their name and city and state, this little Google listing is the only thing that comes up. So many things with roofing contractors are like a word-of-mouth business, too. So people will say, Oh, somebody great did my roof. Let me text you the link to their website, right? That virtual business card is handed out about your business to help drive people to you. And also, when people go, and they might remember your name and go to look for you, now they're unsure if this is you.
They can't find a website to confirm and see if there's a picture or a logo or something like that that helps them remember that it's, Oh, this is actually whom I meant to contact and if I search for roofers or a roofing contractor near me. The other problem is that this business will have a hard time coming up because it's websites that come up when you search for those things. And Google listings that don't have websites linked to them are even harder to find. So it's the, so if you're looking at Google listings, it's the ones that have websites that will come up too. So if you're a roofing contractor, it's vital to have that. It's, remembers, your website is your online business card. Even a simple professional one page website can go a long way in helping get you found and get customers to hire you for services.

Mighty Sites One Page Website Demo

So let's pretend we're building the website for this business today. I'm going over here to Mighty Sites, and I can click on start Free trial or launch. What I'm going to do? I've already got an account. I'm going to. I'm going to log right into my account. So I'm going to sign in, and now you'll see when I sign in here, I'm going to scroll down and add a new website. I've got an account where I build many websites for local businesses. So I'm going to look through here. You can see there are different themes and templates for other local businesses to create a one page website. I'm going to go over here to the roof. Yep, Search Roofing. And here's the Roofing Contractor website template. So I'm going to click, click on that.

And this company's name is Colorado Roof Experts. So Colorado Roof Experts are in Westminster, Colorado. So I'm going to put in Westminster, Colorado, and type of business. This is a service business, so I'm going to click continue. And just like that, the system will generate the template for me. That's what I love about this system. It makes it super easy to get started. So you can see just by typing in that I was a roofer.

Preview The Roofing Contractor One Page Website Template

Now a simple professional one page website is autogenerated for my business. And you can see here that I've got a lot of the basic information I just typed in for me to use. So now I can go ahead and start to fill it in. This makes my life easy because I want to spend fewer hours building a website, but I know I need to have one and something I can. If I hand out a business card, it has my website address.

If I email someone, I can link them to visit my website. So I'm going to click on the update section, and I can go ahead. If I have social media, which I don't think this business does, I can type in the link, and it'll automatically populate my social media link. So up here, I want to update my location information so people can find me. So Westminster, Colorado, if I were a brick-and-mortar or a local business that people come into, I'd probably put my exact address, but that's fine. We can put the zip code, but they have a local address. Is that a home or business address? It could be a home address, so, or a business address. So let's go ahead, let's add that in so we've got more specific information.

Again, this will tell customers and Google a little more about where exactly this business is. So there's a zip code. We want people to get in touch. So I will go over here, put in the phone number, and save that. So you can see super easily, right? I don't have to deal with a web builder; I just put in the form, and now, suddenly, my phone number's thereā€”no social link. So we'll leave that alone. And then I click close. Now I did, look, but I didn't see a logo for this business. So adding a logo can be a nice thing for a business website. So what I'm going to do, I'm just going to jump over here. If you're unfamiliar with Canva, it's a straightforward platform. And there's a free version.

Create a Simple Logo Using Canva

So I'm going to go over here and create a logo, and it will give me all sorts of different templates to choose from for your local business website. So I'm, I'm, this is probably a free one where I, you know, you pay like a couple of bucks if it's not, and oops, let me edit this. I'm going to undo that. But Canva's a great tool. Let's see if I can make this kind of wanna make. There we go. So there's a handyman logo. That works fine, especially as a roofer. I'm just going to call this Colorado. And the business is Colorado Roof Experts. So roof experts. So there we go. That's a simple logo. If I was going to play around with it, I might change the, you know, the paintbrush and add a different tool, maybe a drill or something like that.

But for the sake of time and the video, I want to show you that you can make a logo quickly and easily. And again, that helps your customers remember who you are. So, Colorado Roof Experts logo, I'm going to download that, download it to a jpeg suitable file format. So I'm downloading that logo now. I jump right over here, update the section, my logo, and that logo I just made in two seconds. For free or for a dollar, I just downloaded it. And let's see if I can find it in my downloads. Here's the logo right here. So I will upload the logo, complete it, click save, and close. Now here's my logo. That looks a little small to me, so I'm going to make it bigger, but now that's causing this section to be too big.

Editing Your Business Logo using Mighty Sites

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go here to the pencil, and I'm going to edit this. So I crop this down a little bit just like this. So it resizes it, so it's a little closer. That'll look nice. And it'll bring it in a little like this. I don't. I can be shorter, too. So crop that all these tools are built right in. So you can see I've got filter tools, fine-tuning, so any image or logos, things like that you want to work on, it's all built into the device. So it makes editing your website super fast and easy too. So there we go. I'm going to click done, and it's going to upload and upload the new version of my logo. I'm going to click save. There we go. That's much better.

So now I like that. I'm going to make it a little smaller now. You know, it's a logo, so I'm making it a little smaller to feel comfortable. That's a good size there. So I'm going to save the logo. That looks nice. And now I've got my logo, and I've got my address and phone number. I can update this menu if I want. So if I want to add anything else here, there's nowhere else for me to link because this business only has a little online for marketing. So, they've done an excellent job filling out their Google business profile, but I only see a little else here that I could link to it. But if you did want to link to other things, you could add that to your site and add new nav items when you add them.

Editing The One Page Website Template

You could link to another section of your website for a phone call, upload a pdf, or anything like that. So I'll save the menu for now. There we go. Now I'm, I'm starting to get going here. I've got a logo, I've got the section, and then I'm going to scroll down here if I want to change this image, which I may do. They may have some photos here on their Google business profile. Let's check these out. So that looks like a roof. They probably did. These look like some homes they've worked on and done projects repairing roofs. Some of these could be nice if you wanted to load this. These are some of the projects they did, and I mean, that's an excellent roof. So let's take a screenshot of that and try using that as our photo two.

Because this is a lovely, nice photo of their work, if I was, this was going to be my website, I, I'd think maybe, you know, I'd want to use an exact photo of something I did. So let's, let's go to this section. Let's update the image browse. And I should have that screenshot right here on my desktop. So I'm going to load that, and I know what it was. So it was a PNG file. So if you run into that, it's no problem. You can go to the file, which I'm going to do now, and then the file export, and then I'm just going to export it as a jpeg, and you say roof image jpeg, save. Directly I can jump right back to my editing my site. I'm going to X us off the roof image and save the image.

Adding Your Own Images

There we go. So that's pretty nice. Now, I like that. So now there's an image of a roof that I, you know, that this company worked on. They did a great job. That's a stunning roof on that home. So now address the phone number, logo, and roof they built. And then I'm going to go over here. This information could be about us, or you could use it for anything that you want to promote your business. We first wanted to change the contact to something like a call or a quote and then choose the link. I've got my phone number on here, so I'm going over to actions and clicking to call because I know many people find my website and visit it on a smartphone. Excuse me. So now call for a quote.
So when they visit this on the phone, they click on it. It will call me and call this roofing business, which is great for getting leads. This business had an incredible number of Google reviews.

Adding Your Roofing Business Google Reviews to Your Website

So highlighting that would be awesome for people visiting the website. So let me see. Excellent experience. Great. They treat me as family. Pretty serious damage to the roof, and now everything looks good. It is new. I highly recommend them. Yeah, so I mean, that's fantastic. So I'm going here like people should see how great this business is and what an excellent job they do. So I'm putting this quote in case somebody doesn't click through and look, which is going to happen. People will only sometimes look at your reviews or read through Manual Lopez. It makes sense to include that on your website so people can see it. So I'm going to clear the styling that came over from Google. I'm going to make this section. I'm going to make this section bold. So let's see.

There we go. And then let's, let's include another one. And it doesn't hurt to have that analogy experience. Let's use something simple here. They did a great job on my roof. Very satisfied. That's what everybody wants to see here. So let's just, let's do that one. And that was Alan Gonzalez. I was the person's name, Gonzalez, with the s in the end. Okay, we'll put that in quotes, so people know that's a review. And then I'll just put this right below it. I'll do the same thing and make this bold save. Okay, let's see how that's looking out. It came out in black. Let's change that to white. Let's make that bold again. Save. Okay, cool. So now there are a couple of charming quotes there. I wouldn't say I like that extra space, so I'll delete it a little smaller.

And then let's tell people here there's what are, let's say, what status satisfied customers are. Think of our services. Okay, so there we go. So that's to put that in italics. Click save close. Great. So now we have an excellent section here where people can see, you know, a couple of testimonials. That's a great way to drive them in. You can see the business websites coming along nicely. The about us here. It's got some pre-written content, and it's nice to have that information in there. Let's try to personalize it. And again, this is a business without a website or social media. So I'm just going to go over here to see. So here's a little bit about this business they wrote about and why they care so much about doing an excellent job, which is fantastic.

So let's, let's post that in. So there we go. So there's the exact, and I could edit this to some, edit some of the writing, make sure it's as professional as possible. But I'll save that for now and close. And now there's an excellent about us section with some general. Here's the stuff we do that's good for consumers to understand what this roofing contractor will do and some specific things about what their business offers. Here's a nice, you know, this is nice. The roofing image shows a roofer in action. That's appropriate for the site. These are the services they offer. But if they wanted to personalize this more, we could look at some specific product types they use. So they use James Hardy siding. So it doesn't hurt for us to go in here and update this.

Editing The Service Section of the One Page Template

And you can see we've got bullet points here. I'm adding that James Party siding. So we want them to be found for the things they do. They do composition shingles. Is that in here already? I don't see that. So let's add that composition shingles. So just like that now, super easy to update. Now there's a little more detail about everything this business offers, and if they want to erase any of that, they can also. And then here's just another nice image that comes with the site. Again, all these images are licensed for use. So that's all up to date. In terms of aesthetics, this is now a professional-looking website, and it took us a couple of minutes to put this together. And we even created a logo for the business to showcase some of their work and added some of their testimonials.

And now there's this friendly, simple professional website for this roofing contractor that they can use to promote their business. So and this is a real-life business that has yet to have a website right now. That'll make it easier to find online and for them to be referred to others. So directly, if we want to, we can change the site's colors too. So again, we created the logo and the brand. But if they, you know, had a specific color, there are different colors here that can impact the look and feel of the website. So I could scroll through, and I could select different color palettes. There are many different ones here, and find one that makes sense to me.

Change Your Website Theme and Colors

Choose a color scheme that makes sense for your business. You know, depending, So let's go with this red and black theme for now. It looks pretty lovely and highlights what they do. Move this over to. You can see all their information here and update even the footer, you know, any of this information. So it's all effortless to click around and edit and update. So as I scroll through, I think the red and black could be an excellent template for them, but again, it depends on what they're looking for and the type of brand or logo they want for their business. So we can go with this for now. And what I'm going to do next is, let's see, look at another red. I like, well, this one too. I'm picking one that stood out to me.

I'm going to go with the blue theme. Let's go with that one for now. There's the blue of the sky and the blue of the site. This could be a nice color for them. So now that we've got that all set, one of the best things about having a website is all the leads you get. So that's one of the reasons people have websites in the first place and why so many small business owners say it's the best online marketing. So if I go over here, let's type in Keegan Test. And so if somebody finds the website and they're interested in the service, we'll go Keegan app mighty, and I will put in just a phone number because this will be live on the internet.

Use Your New Website To Generate Leads

So we'll just put the phone number there. And then I am interested in a quote for services, please. So now I'm going to send that through as if I'm a customer. You'll see, thank you. Message automatically generates. So now a customer has found your website, and it looks good. They were familiar with you. All this information you put there helped them see that they're professional and credible. Let me use this business. And now, if I stop editing, I return to the site dashboard. You'll see right here in this lead section of the dashboard, and you can connect a custom domain again. So if you own a GoDaddy Go Domain or Google Domain, it's really easy. It's included to connect it. You can update your address or change anything here. But if I go over to view leads, now there's a leads dashboard where I can view the requests that come in through my website.

I'll get an email notification, and I can also see all my potential customers here. So I can reach out to them by email and phone to give them a quote for services as I get more and more leads through my website, which is exciting too. So then, I connected the custom domain. I could edit any of them. I could update hours if I want to showcase hours, update social links if I had any of those connected to a custom domain, or go back to edit any section of my website anytime I need or want to. And just like that, I've got a simple professional website that can help me drive business for my roofing contractor business.

Sign Up For A Subscription When You Finish Your Free Trial

So this template for roofing contractors, this one page website template for roofing contractors is only $9 a month. So that includes the secure certificate. So it's secure. It consists of the ability to connect to custom domain social links, the template, the front-end editor, and the website hosting. All are included for $9 a month. So you really can't beat it in terms of price too. It's a cheap, affordable way to have a nice-looking professional website that you can use to promote your business. And so that's how you build a one page website for a roofing contractor.

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