How To Make A Pet Groomer Website [Video Demo]

How To Make A Pet Groomer Website

You can easily make a website for your pet grooming business quickly and easily using Mighty Sites. There is a no-coding, no expensive fees, easy-to-use website builder for small businesses. Select and edit the Pet Groomer website template to get started.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, and thanks for joining me today. I'm going to show you a really easy way to create a website for your pet grooming business. So we're just going to run through the whole process of how to create a simple web one-page pet grooming business website. So I'm going to share my screen.

Start A Free Trial

The easiest way to do this and build a website for your pet grooming business is to go to mighty, and there is a pet grooming template that is ready to go and easy to use. So you can either click on start free trial or launch and then continue to build your site. So I'm going to scroll down here. A whole bunch of templates are available to small businesses to create a simple professional one-page website for your business. So I'm going to go down to the pet groomer theme, and once I click on that, it's going to take me right into the flow.

Enter Your Grooming Business Details

So you put in all your email addresses and your name, and then the next thing you enter is you find your business. So just going to find my pet grooming business. Here's Muddy Paw Bathhouse. So I click on this, Found My Business. If I don't see my pet grooming business, you click here to enter your business information manually. It's super easy and fast to do in the process of creating a website for your pet grooming business. And I'm going to click on continue. And what's going to populate is my organization's information. So I can update any of this. So if I want to add an email or change the phone number, address, or location, I can do any of that here. If this information about my pet grooming business looks correct, I click save, or I can go over here to update hours. And let's say that I decide I do want to open and provide pet grooming services on Tuesdays.

Let's say I'll change the hours from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. And now, all of a sudden, the business information's updated. But again, they're closed. So I click back here on close, so it's super easy to enter your basic business information. And once all of that is entered, you click on Looks good. Next and Mighty Sites will automatically generate a brand new website for your pet grooming business just like that.

Review The Pet Groomer Website Template

As you can see as I scroll through here, my business is in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Here is the name Muddy Pause, Bathhouse. There's an image here. You can see a little about the section and some lovely pictures as I scroll down through it.

Now a simple the services. So nail trimming, ear cleaning, dog grooming, cat grooming, right? So now, by simply entering my business information, Muddy Sites automatically generates a simple and professional website for my pet grooming business. So the next step from here is to activate the site and customize it to what I like. Now, all these images and this text are already pre-licensed for you to use. So you can launch the website just like this and use these images, use this text as is as your business website, but it's also really easy to edit the Pet Groomer website template.

Activate Your Free Trial

So if I click on Activate This site to customize and launch, I click on Activate. And once I do that, I can update my site right here. So there's a friendly little dashboard here, me with my site, my billing, and my account information, and when I click on Update Your Mighty Site, it brings me to a front-end editor for the website template, which makes it convenient and easy to edit anything that I want to. So let's say I want to add my social media. I'll move my speaker screen right here. I simply click, So I'll do that again.

Update Your Grooming Business Links

As you can see, I click on the update section. And let's say I want to error. Let's say that I want to update my social links. I click here, and I can put in my Twitter, I can put in my YouTube account, I can put in my Facebook page, right?

And suddenly, they populate here with the links to my business profiles, click on save Social Links, and that's it. Now, people can connect with me on social media when they find my website, or they can click to call my business. I can update my logo easily by dragging and dropping browsing for the file and entering my Business logo right there. I can update the menu items. I can move these around in a different order. I can add a new menu item and update my location information. Once all that looks good, I click save and Close. If I want to change the main image, let's say I have a nice picture of myself doing the grooming, my team, or my location. I can click on Update Image and upload a new image from my computer to replace the picture here.

But again, if I like that image, I'm free to use it too. I can update any of the menu items. If I want to edit any text here, I click on the update section down. Say we are a pet grooming business, and this is our website, right? Very easy to edit the text. I'll erase that, but you can edit, make things bold, and add links. Super easy to do if you are using some online booking software so that people can schedule appointments with you. You can leave this as contacting us and then choose for this to link to a different section of your website. You can have it. If you want people to call you when they come to your website, you can change this to click to call and click confirm. And now, when I click on Contact Us, especially if someone's on the mobile version of this site, which is all perfectly mobile friendly, they click on Contact Us, and it'll call your business too.

Link Your Pet Grooming Appointments Calendar

So I can click on the click to call, or let's say you're using a solution like Calendly for your online booking, or you're using another appointment booking software. You can link to that and have people book appointments if you write here through your website. So I'll change this to book a pet grooming appointment. Or you can put book now might be an excellent way to do it. And then move over here to Choose link. And I can choose another website, paste my Calendly link, click confirm and save. And now, if somebody comes to my website and wants to book an appointment, they click on the book, and it links right to my appointment booking software. So you can tell people, Visit my website for my pet groomer business. Click on the book.

Now you can book an appointment for services, right? So it's that simple and easy to do that. Same with editing. The images are about us. You can keep these. If you'd like something else, you can change those over too. You can change any of the services by simply updating the text or images. And then, once everything looks good and it's ready to go, you now quickly and easily have a professional website for your pet groomer service. You click on stop editing and go back to the site dashboard, and now you're ready to connect a custom domain. So let the website come with the muddy pause, bathhouse stop muddy So you'll you can use that domain as your business website and direct people there. That's well within your right to use that. Or, if you'd prefer, you can connect a custom domain.

Connect Your Domain Name

And that means that if you have a domain name through GoDaddy or or Google Domains, you go here and paste in your domain name. You get a simple set of instructions to update with GoDaddy or Google or any of the other domain name registrars you use. And as soon as you update that, it'll connect back. And now, when people visit, let's say, my pet groomer, it'll direct directly back to your business, whatever that domain name is, and that Mighty Site site will represent your business.

Launch Your New Pet Grooming Business Website

So the best news is that it's only $9 a month. So it's affordable. That includes the template, the editor, the images, and the copy prewritten for you. It also contains this secure certificate. So you have a secure website that's safe for people to visit. You have an SSL certificate, which includes the ability to connect a custom domain, too, for that $9 a month plus hosting. It's all included. So just like that, that's how you build a website for your pet groomer business using Mighty Sites. It's a simple, easy, straightforward, and affordable process for launching a brand-new website for your pet grooming business.

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