How To Make A Roofing Company Website [Video]

How To Make A Roofing Company Website

Learn how to create a roofing company website in this short video tutorial. Build a website for your roofing contractor business easily with this step by step guide.

Video Transcription

Hi everyone, and welcome. Today I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily create a website for your roofing company using Mighty Sites. It's a super easy-to-use system, so if you're a roofing contractor looking to make a website for your business, this video will show you exactly how. So let me share my screen, too.

Getting Started On Your New Website

I go to Mighty Sites, that account, and click on Start Free trial. And from there, I go down to my business type. So I would go, I can click on start free trial, or I can click on launch. I can go over here and click on my business type right away to select the contractor template. I click on the contractor, and then I choose my contractor type. So there are all sorts of different contractor types. We're doing roofing contractors today.

Enter Information About Your Roofing Business

So click right here on Roofing Contractor. And the first thing I will do is ask me to put in my business name. So my business name is, let's call it, Keegans Roofing Company. Let's say it's in Raleigh, North Carolina, and my business type is a service business. So I'm going to click continue.

Review The Roofing Company Website Template

And just like that, Mighty Sites will generate a simple professional website for my roofing company. So you can see as I scroll down through here, this white website has already been developed with images, text descriptions, and all of that, even a simple contact form so that people can get in touch with my business and hire me for my services. So all of this is super easy to edit after this. So if I want to click here on the update section, I can add an address, email address, phone number, and postal code.

Update and Edit The Roofing Website Template

I can add social media links. So if I want to add my social media links, you'll see how easy this is. They populate right here in the upper right-hand corner of the site as soon as I add them. So that's super easy to do. I can update any of the links if this menu looks good. Suppose I want to edit where any of these links too. I can choose for them to link to a new place. I can also update my logo, browse my computer and add my business logo. Nice and easy. I can update my contact information again here. Or if I want to move my menu items around too, let's say that I want them in, you know, in a different order for some reason. I can save my menu. And you can see now that About Us has moved to the other section and can also add a new menu item.

So if I want to add another website, link to contact information, or something else, I can do that too. That's super easy to edit. I can update this main hero image too. So if I want to change around the links or update this and browse and add another picture for my computer, I can do that. That's easy. And then I can edit the image too. Mindy Site has great editing tools to allow me to edit and crop the picture and resize all those types of things. Let's say that I want to add more text to this section. You know, maybe there's something.

Specific, I want to say. Like, this is a great website template for roofing companies. Something like that can type that in. Click save; it makes it easy to see how you edit the site on the front end. I can get rid of that if I want, and it'll go away. And now that text has disappeared. Let's say I like the contact button right now. It links to the contact form, which is a great way to do it. But let's say I want to do something different there. Perhaps I want that to link to, you know, them to call immediately. I can click-to-call and upload a PDF if I'd like them to download rates. I can link to a different website section to change any of that. But right now, I like linking to the lead form section.

Editing The Contact Form

So I'll save that and close it for now. Now I can also go here, update my about us or change any of these images quickly and easily. If I have a picture of myself on the job, my company logo, or things like that, I can soon upload those and change them out if my services are all prepopulated for you to make the process of building a website quick. But if any of those, you know, want them to look or say something different, you can edit them. Whenever somebody contacts your business for services, this will automatically send a lead right to the back end of your website so that customers looking for you can get in touch quickly and easily. You can get all their contact information and message to turn them into paying customers for your business.

Editing The Website Theme Colors

So just like that, you can have a simple professional website for your roofing company using Mighty Sites. And now, if you want to change the colors too, that's pretty easy. So let's say that your company has different colors. You can click over here and click through the different color themes. Find one that works for you and fits your business logo and style. There are tons of different color themes here that you can pick from depending on the look you're going for and what works for your business. So tons of other color options are being added, all the time, for you to choose from. And then, once you're ready to go and the website's all set for you, go right here to stop editing and return to the dashboard. And right here, as I mentioned in this section, is where you'll see your leads when they come through.

You'll get your name, email, and phone number, and then you can click to see their message. You can connect a custom domain. So if you own My roofing or some website URL like that, you paste it in there, and then it's straightforward to connect it using google domains, GoDaddy, and all the significant domain players. You can update your social links or your location information right here. So let's say I want to add my phone number, but I forgot to do it on the front end. No problem. Super easy to do. And then, if I want to go back and update my site again, I click on update, and I can return to updating my site right here, just like I was. So it's an easy system to edit and update. And then, whenever I'm done updating, I can return to the site dashboard and get my business payment information.

Select A Plan and Launch Your New Website

It's only $9 monthly for the site, including web hosting. It includes a secure certificate. It consists of the ability to connect a custom domain. It has a front-end editor. It consists of the website template. So for a roofing company looking to make a website, this is a great deal. It's effortless to use and deploy. You'll be getting leads in no time. This is the Mighty Site system. It's only $9 a month, and that's how you make a website for a roofing company or contractor.

Launch your website, right now.

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