How To Make a Simple Business Website - INSTANTLY

How To Make A Simple Business Website - Instantly

Learn how to make a simple business website instantly using Mighty Sites. This platform is designed to allow you to quickly and easily create small business websites. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to create a simple website for your business.

Video Transcription

Thanks for joining me today. I will show you how to create a simple business website using Mighty Sites instantly. Mighty Sites is the easiest-to-use website-building platform there is for small businesses.

Start By Picking A Small Business Website Theme

I want to create a website for a lawn care business. I could search right here for a lawn care business, or I could click on the theme right here. Well, all it asked me to do was enter my name, so Keegan's Lawn Care, and then enter my location. I'll just put in a city and state and select my type of business. This type of business is a service business. Click continue. And just like that, mighty Sites instantly produces a website for my lawn care business. Now all I need to do from here is edit this to my liking. So I can do things like change colors so I can switch over the theme colors to whatever color fits my business.

Easily Add and Update Business Information

I can update this section and add new navigation links. I can upload my logo. Once I upload my logo. There are terrific editing tools, too, to edit it. I can add my social media links, which will automatically populate on the right-hand side at the top. So I'll add Mighty Sites USA and Save. So now my social links are there. If I want to add my phone number, all I do is go over here and add my business phone number. And now that populates. Same with my email address. If I want to add any of these images, I click on the update section, upload and upload a new image, and browse any I have for my computer. I can change any of the calls to action too. I can update the sections again and change any of these colors to be whatever I want them to be, so whatever I feel will fit my theme.

Change The Color Of Your Small Business Website

And new colors are being added for each theme all the time. So you select the one that works best for your business. So once that's all set, people can submit themselves here. So if I submit myself as a lead, put in my phone number, and say, I need a lawn mowing service, and as soon as I do that, click send now, my customer will see a thank you message. Meanwhile, if I stop editing and go back to the site dashboard, I can now see I have a new lead for my business. I can even connect a custom domain that I own from GoDaddy, Google Domains, and places like that. And just like that, I can be up and running with a brand new website for my business with a few minor edits. So let's go back to the sites and add another.

Answer A Few Simple Business Questions

So I told you this was instant. Let's say instead of a lawn care business. I may own handyperson business. So again, Keegan's handyman services. Let's say this time. I am in Denver, Colorado. And again, this is a service business. This website builder works for any business. Click continue, and just like that. Now I've got a website for my handyman business. You can see that all of the text is directly related to the handyman. All of the images are now handyman images and contractor images. I've got a new color palette here that I can choose from.

Pick the Website Theme That Works Best For Your Brand and Business Type

I can update my site and pick one that makes sense for whatever theme I prefer for my business. All the same editing tools and phone number tools are here, and the same ability to generate leads through your new website. Now, let's make a website for another type of business. I'll go in here, and let's create a website instantly. Let's go through it. You can see all kinds of local companies represented here. So now I'm going to go over and search for bookkeeping. I own an excellent bookkeeping service. I'm going to click on Bookkeeping Service. And again, let's say Keegan's Bookkeeping Business. And this time I will be in, where do we want to be? New York. New York. This type of business is a service. Again, the same thing for retail and restaurant businesses.

Versatile Yet Simple Business Website Maker

Click continue. And just like that, instantly, we made a small business website for a bookkeeping service. So as I scroll down through this, you can see the images have preloaded the contact form. And again, you can change any of these things. So if I want to go in here and change this to call, I can now change this to call me, or I can change this to call my business contact, whatever it is that I want it to be. I can switch over here to choose a link and go from my actions to click to call, which will populate with my phone number. I can even upload a PDF if that's pertinent to my business type. So if I have a restaurant menu or something like that, I can upload a PDF, and then I can go over here, close that, and save it.

Edit, Update, Connect A Custom Domain and Launch Your Business Website

I can upload any of these images and change them. I can easily edit any of the text. You'll see this populate right here as I write it, and I click save and close. So just like that, I've just created three small business websites. I've quickly and easily used Mighty Sites. You can make and launch business websites that easily. Creating and launching websites for small businesses using Mighty Sites is instant. And then, you can generate leads for those businesses. Always go back and edit, add social links and phone numbers, and connect to a custom domain. Like that, any small business can instantly have a simple professional website for their business using Mighty Sites.

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