How to Make a Vegan Restaurant Website - INSTANTLY

How To Make A Website For A Vegan Restaurant

Make a website for your vegan restaurant instantly using Mighty Sites. Might Sites is the fastest and easiest way to create a vegan restaurant website. Watch the video demo below to get started.

Video Transcription

Hi, welcome, everyone. I will show you how to instantly make a website for your vegan restaurant using the Mighty Site system. So if you're unfamiliar with Mighty Sites, it's only $9 a month. There's a seven-day free trial. You can click on the link down below in the notes section of this video. All you have to do is find your website template. So there are all types here. I'll show you quickly. There are all types of small business website templates here. All you do is find your theme. So I'm just going to find mine, a vegan restaurant, and I click on that theme, and then I can put Keegan's Vegan Restaurant, and then I can put in my city-state. So I'll put in Denver, Colorado, and then business type. So this is a restaurant. Click continue. Then I just put in my contact information for my restaurant.

Enter Information About Your Vegan Restaurant

So I'll put in my phone number, I'll put in my email address, and then I'll click continue. I'm going to use a made-up address here, but you would put your actual address in this box and then put in my postal code and click continue. Now, the final step is to add my hours. So let's say I'm open from 10 until, let's say, 7:00 PM during the weekdays, and I'll click continue. And then, on the weekends, let's say I'm open, still open at 10:00 AM, but I stay open a little later Friday and Saturday. And then let's say I'm closed Sundays. I'll click closed. So then, if all that looks good, my next step is to type and click on "Looks Good Next."

Generate The Vegan Restaurant Website Template

And just like that, mighty Sites will instantly generate a simple professional website for my vegan restaurant. So now, all I need to do is edit the template. So again, it's inexpensive. Everything's included for $9 a month. And now, it's easy to edit this template to make it look exactly how I want it to look. But all of the text is already written for me. All the images are pre-licensed for me to use. So if everything looks good, I can use this right away and launch it live. But let's make a few edits to show you how that works. Let's say I want to change the colors. I can go over here and select a new color palette by simply thumbing through the different color options to choose the one I prefer.

Change Your Color Theme

You know, it just depends on your preference, but there are all types of different color themes here. So you can select the one that you like best. I'll switch it over to this one, and it'll automatically update the colors across the theme—so there is no need to deal with any complicated, you know, color palette software. You pick the theme that you want. Now the next thing I can do is update any of these sections. So I can go in here and update my social media links. So I'll add my social media link here. I can add my Facebook page too. And then, I would just put in the actual full URL. You could copy and paste yours, of course. But now I say those social links and close, and now you can see that my social media have updated here on the site.

Add Business Contact Information

So that's all set. Now I can update this section too. Let's say I wanted to show my email address on the site. I can click that now. My social media links and my phone number are all there. I could add a logo. So it'll just, by default, have the text I entered, but then I can easily upload my logo. So if you don't have a logo, I'll show you Canva. It's a great tool. You can go into, select a logo, and create a logo for your business. So I'm just going to put in to see the vegan restaurant. Let's say look at all these logos I can choose from for my restaurant. So I'll go with this one. That looks nice. And I'll call this vegan restaurant logo.

Upload and Edit Your Logo

And then I'll download that here. Jpeg because it's a little faster file type. So now I've got a logo just like that. That took me less than a minute to create a logo for my vegan restaurant. And now I'll go over here, I'll go to browse, I'll upload my logo, and now you can see that as soon as this uploads, I'll save it. And then there are some simple tools here where I can make it bigger, or I can make it smaller. I will crop this to make it a little cleaner looking. So I can go to this little pencil icon and click on that. And what I'll do is I'll pull down the top, and I will crop it from the bottom. And you can see there are all types of different tools here too.

So if I wanted to change the colors, I'm going to do that, get rid of that background color. But I can easily do anything I want to change or update here. But once it looks good, all these tools are built for photos and logos. But this is a good logo for my vegan restaurant. So I'll click done and then let that finish uploading. Click save. And now I've got a nice logo there.

As you can see, my restaurant website is coming together super quickly and easily. Now, if I offer an online order, this is where I would link to it. So I could go in here, and I could choose the link, and I could either link to usually another website.

Add Online Ordering Links and Calls-To-Action

So if you offer online ordering through Door Dash, Uber Eats, or something like that, you might want a link there. If you have a toast or online account where you allow people to do online ordering or through your Google Business profile, this is where you put in that online ordering link. And so people can click on it and easily order online. Now, if you don't offer an order online or that's not something you want to promote, you can change this right to something else so that you can call today. Right? Or let's say call for a reservation. So you'd prefer to have people call for a reservation. You can also change that. Just make it linked to your phone number, and save it. And now your call to action is for people to call for a reservation.

Edit Text and Website Copy

If you want to change any of this text, this looks nice, but let's say you prefer to have it, you know, capitalized in here, or you want something shorter or different for any of this. It's just a point, and click to edit it. So it makes it easy to edit this. And again, you can swap out the background image just by browsing and uploading a new image. But if this image looks good, you're free to use that too. So it, it's, it's all included with the template. This section is all guided by the information you put in about your business. So you can update the hours or the action button here for sure. But by default, it'll give directions. So if I click on this, it'll open in Google Maps for people to have directions. So now you've got, you know, a call for a reservation, a call to action, or a link to online ordering followed by directions directly to your business.

These are all things consumers want to know, especially when you're trying to promote your vegan restaurant. Now again, I can change this image. I can go into this section and type anything I want. So if I say this is a website template for a vegan restaurant, it's easy to point and click and type in what you want to see on the site. You can type in testimonials more about your business, whatever it is. But you'll see, and then you'll know what you type as soon as I save it. It's really easy to use the editor. It's just point-and-click to do so. And then you can put more information down here too. But if you want to go in here too and upload your menu, viewing our menu can either, again, be a link.

Upload Your Vegan Restaurant Menu PDF to Your Website

So if your menu is stored elsewhere, you can link to that. Or a menu. Restaurants have a pdf, which is also how people now access the restaurant's menu. If you scan that QR code, you could link your QR code to this as well. But if I go here to upload a pdf, let me find my menu here. I've got just an example menu. So I'll upload my menu PDF, and then I'll click confirm and save Close. And now you can see it opens up my menu when I click on this. So that's where you upload your menu, and now it's linked to the site—same thing. If I click over here to the menu, it'll bring me right to this section where my menu is stored on the website. So again, that makes it simple and easy.

Launch Your New Vegan Restaurant Website

And just like that, I'm done with a simple website. This online business card is for my vegan restaurant. I can click on stop editing. You can see what it looks like now without the update section buttons. So a simple, clean, professional website for your restaurant makes the whole process much cheaper and easier than dealing with a complicated website builder or web developer. So now I can go back to the site dashboard, oh, okay. And connect to a custom domain. So I click on this, and then I enter in, you know, my domain name. If I have one through Google Domains or or GoDaddy, enter that in and follow a really simple step-by-step process that guides me through the process.

I need to tell my registrar so I can connect my website domain to my new website. And that's it. So once you finish those steps, you can always go back. You'll be able to launch and edit your website super simply and easily. But now you can put that online, connect it to your Google business profile, your Yelp profile, and all that to help promote your vegan restaurant, show up better in searches and drive more customers and patrons into your restaurant.

Launch your website, right now.

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