How To Make A Website For A Dog Walker [Video]

How To Make A Website For a Dog Walker

This video shows you the basics of building a simple one page website for your dog walking business. Learn step-by-step how to generate the one page dog walking business website template and add your business information. This video will show you start to finish how to create a brand new website for your dog walking service.

Video Transcription

Hi everyone, and thanks for joining me today. I will show you how to create a simple website for a dog walking service using the Mighty Sites platform. So today, we're going to walk through many great businesses starting up, like dog walking services, where you have a great company. Still, there may be difficulty in finding the right website platform or a template for yourself. So that's what this platform is for building one page websites. It's got a dog-walking service website template. It's a simple one page website template. We'll show how to put that together today using a dog walking business that currently needs a website. And show you how you would build a website quickly and easily. Create an excellent professional, simple one page website because your website is your online business card. And so, as you're starting this business, Facebook's great reviews are great.

A website ties those different mediums together. You can link to your website when you hand out business cards in the physical world. You must include your website link if you want to do a brochure. Even if you're going to talk about your business or let people know, texting the link to your website back and forth to refer you gives you a great way to get customers and have that online business card. So I will share my screen and show you this business, a local dog walking service here. So Wag Walk, repeat, and you can see that they have a Google profile with some great reviews.

Entering Your Dog Walking Business Details in Mighty Sites

So this is a person that does an excellent job with this. But you can see missing information on a website. So that's the first thing consumers see when they search for the business name. Now the other problem is if you search the business or just search for a dog walker because they don't have a website and they don't have a website here linked to anything, they show up further down the page.
So a website is going to help influence those Google rankings too for new customers looking for the service. So you can see they do have an Instagram, which is excellent. And if I scroll down here, you can see a Facebook page halfway down the page. So I'm not. I'm going to jump over here to Mighty Sites. This is the website. You can click on start free trial in the top right or Launch. It's a really easy way to create a one page website for a local business. So dog Walker's a great example.

Generate The Dog Walker Website Template

So I'm going to go over here, and I'm going to jump right in. I'm going to look for the Dog Walker website template. Here it is, and I'll start by putting in the company name. So it's Wag Walk Repeat, and let's put it in their location.

See, this is even tough. So, if I'm a consumer, it's tough to know exactly where they are and where they serve. Because I need to find their exact address, it looks like it's somewhere over here. Let's look at the Facebook page. So it says Denver, Colorado, here. And here's a link to their Facebook page and the website. So it says the website is offline, so they have a domain name but don't have it connected to a website. So if I'm a consumer, I click on that website's a way for people use to find out more about a business and understand what they offer and who they are. But you see, we can't access it there. So I'm going to jump back over here. And now I know they're in Denver, Colorado.

Edit The One Page Dog Walker Website Template

So I'm going to put in Denver, Colorado type of business if you're offering dog walking service, that's a service business. So I'm going to click continue. And just like that, Mighty Sites will create a simple professional website template for my business. So again, I didn't have to do any coding or website building, and all of a sudden, just like that, Mighty Sites generated a simple template for me to make this process of creating a website for my business. Super straightforward and easy, right? And there's even an excellent little form so that potential customers who find me give them an easy way to contact me. Even now, if I'm looking for the business name, I might become a customer and look up their business name. It is still tough to know how to learn more about their business without having a website.

There needs to be an easy contact form to request information. So your website also gives you an excellent way to invite people to contact you. So what I can do now is I'll start filling in the template. So let me move this over here. I'm going to start with the top section and click on the update section. I've got the name City State. I don't think the address is listed anywhere, so that's fine. But we've got a phone number, which is listed publicly. So we'll want to add that to the website. So let me go over here to the phone number, plug that in, and save. And now you can see the phone number populates right there at the top. I did see it on the Facebook page. I'm just going to open this in a new tab. I did notice that there was an email address here as well.

So I will copy the email address and put the organization's email here. And then, you can choose whether you want the email to show on the site. Because they made theirs public on Facebook, I will have it on the site. So I'm going to save that. So now we've got some excellent contact information. Make it easy for people to contact you right at the top. We did see that they have a Facebook page, of course. So I will copy the link for the Facebook page and put that in the Facebook page box. And now there's an excellent Facebook logo with a link to them. I saw that they have an Instagram as well. So I'm going to open Instagram in a new tab and copy it, and I'll go over here and paste it right into the Instagram box. And now you can see that Instagram and Facebook both populate.

So I'm going to click on save social links and close. So now that the top header is starting to look like a professional, easy way to contact them, and then you, you know, now, we can move on to the next section. So the update section next, you can update your logo here. You can edit any menu items. You can update your location information. So I'm going to focus here, we've got the name, but it'd be nice if there were a logo. Now I don't see a logo on here. Let's click to see if there is a logo. No, it looks like it's just, just the picture. So a logo serves a great purpose: it gives people an easy way to remember you, right? If they look, that's why we know company logos. We know those brands like Coca-Cola or anything like that because we can instantly recognize and know who that is, right?

Creating a Simple Logo For Your Dog Walking Business Using Canva

It creates that credibility just like a website does. A logo builds credibility for your business.

One of the things I like to do when I see that there's no logo is introduce Canva. So Canva is a really easy way to create a logo for a business. I will click here on the logo, which will give me all sorts of templates. Many of them are free. Let's see if there's anything related to Pat. Yeah, here's a great, you know, some great logos here. We can pick whichever one we like. And again, you know, you pay a small fee, or you can get some of these for free too. So I'm going with the first one here because that was the first one that popped up for me.

And establish 2022. Let's see. I see very little info here, so I'm curious about when it was established. We'll leave that for now. But obviously, you'd want to customize that to say when you started your business. And then it was Wag Walk and then put right below repeat. So create a nice little logo here. That was super quick and easy for me to do. Now what I'm going to do, I'm going to resize this because we want to cut off the top in the middle here. Let's do that in the tool. So we'll, we won't worry about that for now. I will download this as a jpeg, so it's a smaller file. I'm just going to download it now and WA walk. You can see it there. So I will jump back to Mighty Sites, browse and upload my logo.

So it should be my downloads folder, and now we've got a simple logo for the business. That took less than a minute and a half. So we're building the website, and we're making the logo. Now you can use these tools to make it bigger or smaller, as I'd mentioned. I want to make a few edits to this. So I'm just going to go in here, and I'm going to use the cropping tool. So how did I do that? I just clicked on this little pencil, and built into Mighty Sites are all these great tools. So you can do, you know, frames or redact or annotate, fine-tuned create filters. So you can edit this for any images, logos, or anything you create in Mighty Sites. So I'm going to go like this, make that shorter.

And then I'm going to click done. And now it's going to crop that image for me and re-upload it automatically. And I click on save logo close. And now I like the look of that better. So again, if you want, you can always make it a little bigger. It might be nice. Or you can make it smaller and play around with it. Use any of these editing tools. You can use these editing tools to make it look exactly how you want. So you can see why walk repeat looks good there. Now if you're, if you want to get rid of this white background, I think that's worth showcasing for you too. So that's when you download the file as a png, and then you click right here in Canva on Transparent background and then download it. And now I can go back over here. I can update this sec section. I'll get rid of that version, browse my computer, and then select the p and g versions.

Save. And now you can see I have a logo with no background. So that looks pretty nice. And now we'll need to do the same exercise we just did where we crop this. So I'm going to crop it down here, cut it like this, click done, and save. And now, it's there without a background. That was pretty, pretty straightforward, and easy to upload the logo. Make it a touch smaller. Upload the logo close. And now we've got a professional header. So we're off to a great start. Now there will be an option to edit this so you can put a, like, a call to action, a title, and a little more about yourself. You can upload new images. But these images are sufficient for a dog walking service too.

So if I want to add more item links or things like that, I can do that here quickly and easily. But that is good for right now. So you can see I have experienced dog walking. So there's primary content already here for you to make this easier to get started. It can be time-consuming to build a website. So we prepopulate it with content that's relevant. This business does have a public phone number. I'm going to change this. Contact us from the contact form to call them, right? A click to call. I'm going to confirm and save that and close it. Now, when someone visits this site on a smartphone, which many will do, and they click on the contact button, it's automatically going to call the business too. So that phone number that's listed online for them. So that gives an excellent, easy way to do that. And then what I did notice, which we talked about, as they had great reviews here. So let's check out some of these reviews and, here, a little more. So very complimentary of this business. Let's see if we can fix it. Let's see if we can pick one of these.

Adding Testimonials To Your Website About Your Dog Walking Service

Yeah, I mean this is, this is great. This is a lovely testimonial about this business and the business owner. So I'm going to copy this, and sometimes I like to customize the dog walker website template by using a testimonial. So here is what our customers have to say, right? So that's nice. Put that in bold. Or maybe I'll put that in italics.

And then, right underneath it, I'm going to paste in that testimonial. I will eliminate the styling by clicking on that text X button. Then I'm going to put some quotes around it, so people know. And then, let's see, put the person who publicly said it. So here's the person's name, Catherine. So let's add Catherine in here as well. Her credit for her quote, unlink it, the styling. Okay, so now you can see we've got a lovely testimonial there, and you know, because they have such great testimonials, it doesn't hurt to add another. So let's go check out some other ones. Let's see.

Yeah, so here's another lovely testimonial reassuring people about the quality of care their pets will receive when she's providing the service. So let's go like this and move that. Put in the person who commented on this as well. So now we've got a lovely couple of testimonials there. And again, your website's about building credibility and trust, highlighting these for people. They may not read those Google reviews, but now if they found your website, the first thing is they're, they're going to see a very professional area above the fold here. And then they'll see some excellent testimonials about your business. Mm-hmm . And so, as I scroll down, sometimes there's an about section on Facebook pages. Let's see if we have anything there. I need help finding something in this section. So this is where we'll use the default unless we find something here. We could use something like this to supplement it and be part of the Instagram section. So I'm going to go in here. This is all generics. We're just going to put it for many years because we need to know the date here in years.

And then let's add this, you know, little section here too, which, you know, maybe we'll even put that there like that. We'll use something like this to create some bullet points. I'm just putting in a dash, and then let's save and see how that looks. Yeah, I like that. And let's do this, too, to get rid of that styling. So now we will have to do this one more time. Enter these dashes.

Okay, well, let's save it. Yeah, so that, that, that's nice. That creates more customization and personal personalization there as well. And then, of course, I'm not going to add this person's picture, but they have pictures of themselves too. So, you know, they could, they could, of course, add photos of themselves here. Yeah, any of these pictures from Facebook might be significant. Any of the images from Instagram could be nice too. Or they can use generic photos to make things easier. And again, they have all those editing tools too. So this is where they would list their services. So, if they want to highlight anything that they do specifically or makes them different or anything about their route, playing, or pet sitting, they could also list any of those services in this section of the site.

Launching Your One Page Business Website

Once that all looks good, you're ready to go with a simple professional website that gets your business online and gives you all the benefits of having a small business website. Again, this is only $9 a month, so it's super affordable. An excellent way for you is to make that return with no problem because all you have to do is find one customer, and you make money back for almost a whole year of web hosting and the website template. Now, if you want to change any of the colors, these colors look nice, but if you want to change any of the site's colors, there are all these different color themes available here too. So you can click through and select the one you like best for your website. But this one looks pretty sharp, so we'll leave it at that.

But you can always play around, and you can change the colors of your website as often as you like. So once that's done, I can click on stop editing, and see what the website will look like without those tabs. And again, looks simple and professional. I can add more tabs here if I want to. I've now got an excellent website representing the business I can use to market myself better. And when people are interested in my services, they can go here and type in their information.

Say I need dog walking services and I click send. It'll get a little message that their message is sent, and then you, as the owner, can go back in here and see new leads for your business services. So if I jump in right here, I can view leads. And now, I can see in this dashboard all of the people who have requested services with their email and phone number so that I can get right back to them and get in touch with them. Now, once I'm ready, I connect my domain. So if you have a domain from GoDaddy or Google or any of those services, you can connect those right here. It's super easy to do. It'll give you the information, and your website will also come with a secure certificate from Mighty Sites. So you'll have a secure website. And then, if you have any questions, there's a little messenger here so you can chat and get some help.

But once it's ready to go, you are good to go to launch your website for your business and get started attracting more customers online for your dog walking service. So that's the dog walking website template. It's a one page website template that is super affordable and easy to help you launch and grow your business.

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