How To Make a Website for a Nail Salon - EASY & CHEAP!

How To Make A Website For a Nail Salon

Make a simple, professional website for your nail salon today! Use the Mighty Sites website builder to make a website for your small business. Watch the video tutorial below and start your free trial.

Video Transcript

Thanks for joining me today. I will show you how to quickly and easily create an excellent website for your nail salon using Mighty Sites. So this platform has all types of small business themes, making it easy to generate a website for your business. So I'm going to look for the nail salon website template, and here it is. So I'm going to click on that. Now I just started putting in the name of my business. So I'm just going to put in the nail salon, and then the next thing I'm going to do is put in where I'm located. So Denver, Colorado type of business. So this is a service business.

Start By Entering Basic Information About Your Nail Salon

You could also go with retail. It depends on which angle you want to go with for your nail salon website. I'll go with retail because you're usually in a location. So I will put my phone number here next so people can reach me. And then I'm going to put my email, too, so people can reach me.

And then next, I'm going to continue, and then I'm going to put in my street address and my postal code and then click continue. Now, what time are we open? Let's say we're open from 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM, and we'll just say that that's every day of the week. For simplicity's sake, click continue. Now I can review the information about my nail salon that I just put into this website builder. If everything looks good, I click on, looks good Next. And just like that, this will generate a simple professional website template for my nail salon. Now you can see that this is just written everything for me. So there's a bunch of copy, and there are a bunch of images here already. So all I need to do if I want to is start making edits to the site.

Generate The Nail Salon Website Template

But it's pretty well ready, and this could go live for my business, which is nice. So I'll show you how to make some simple edits. So from here, you can go to the update section and add things like your social media links. So let me type in my social media links. So I can put in if I have an Instagram, too, let's say I can put in and you can just copy and paste your links. I'm going to type them in right now for simplicity. So now I've added my Instagram and my Facebook, and the logos are there. I could update any of my contact information. Let's say I want to show my email on the website that works well. Now I can go to the update section and add my logo, or I could add new menu items to my navigation menu right here. But let's say I want to upload a logo. If you don't have a logo, try And if you do have a logo, browse your computer, and you know, just search your computer for your logo, and then you can upload it from there. I'm going to pick a simple logo that I have, one of my, Mighty Sites logos I have on my computer. So let's upload this logo.

Upload Your Nail Salon's Logo

And now I can save it once I upload it. And you'll see my logo show up here. I can make it bigger, or I can make it smaller, depending on how I want. If I want to edit my logo, I can click on this edit button and crop it right here. I could add filters, or I could add backgrounds or decorate it. So all of these image and logo editing tools are built into Mighty Sites to make it easy for you to edit your photos or logos when you update them to your site. So that's all I need to do there. And then here, I can update this section as well. So let me go right here, and if I liked what this says, I could leave it, but if I wanted to, you know, change something, I could change it too.

So you, you delete and edit it. So let's say I want to say professional and friendly—full-service nail salon. Now, if you want to change the background image, just right here, browse, and change the background image. And if I go over here, let's say you offer online booking. So if you have, if you're looking for online booking, I suggest going to Calendly. So Calendly lets you create a free account where people can book appointments with you. So you copy your link from Calendly, and you can choose right here where that link goes. I'm going to paste it in right here. Confirm. So again, Calendly is free online appointment booking. So now, if I click on this link, someone can book an appointment with me for a nail salon appointment.

Add A Link to An Online Booking Software Such As Calendly

So Calendly makes it easy to just, it's a free option, allow online booking. But if you didn't want to do that too, you could, here, I'll show you. Let's say you'd rather have people call. Then you could say, change any of the buttons to call today. And then you could put in your phone number here and click to call. So if they come to your website on a mobile device or phone, they click that button, and it'll automatically close your business. Now the other thing you could do is the link to your lead form. So you go into any of these calls to action and choose to link it to your lead form on your website, too, right here. And now, if somebody clicks on that, it'll just take them right to your lead form, which is nice.

Select Your Color Theme

So if you want to change the colors too, I like this color. But if you want to change the color of your theme, you click through and choose any color palettes you want, and you can change them over for your business too. That's a nice and easy thing that you can do as well. Now, if I scroll down here, lemme show you how this lead form works. If I want to stop, click on stop editing and start to see what my website looks like without those buttons. And again, really simple professional website for my business in just a couple of minutes. This is something you could launch, connect your domain, and start getting leads right away. But I'm going to go down here, put in my name, Keegan, and my email address.

Connect Your Domain and Launch Your Website

My phone number, and then submit my message. I want to book a nail appointment, and then I click send. And now, all of a sudden, the customer, your, your customer, will get a message saying thank you. And then, you can go right back here to your site dashboard. You'll get an email that you have a new service lead. You can go and view the lead, check it out, see who wants to book a nail appointment and call or email them to get it all scheduled. Then you can connect your domain. So if you own a domain like GoDaddy or Google Domains, you paste it here, and Mighty Sites will provide instructions for you to connect your domain. So as soon as you do that, your Mighty Sites will connect your domain and get a secure certificate for the website, and then you can always go back here and make edits to your Neil Salon website anytime you want. And if you want to put in prices or rates or anything like that, you can go in here with the services, make edits to any of this stuff, and just add rates or prices or anything like that so people can see it too. So just like that, you can create a simple professional website for your nail salon using Mighty Sites, and that's how you make a website for your business using Mighty Sites.

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