How To Make A Website for a Painting Contractor - SUPER EASY!

How To Make A Website For A Painter

This is the easy way to make a website for a painting contractor. If you are a painter or own a painting business you need to give Mighty Sites a try. This website builder makes it easy to build a website for your painting business.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, and thanks for joining me today. I will show you how to create a website for your painting contractor business. Simple, easy, using Mighty Sites. Let's get started. The first thing you'll do is go to mighty You can click on the link below. It's only $9 a month, which includes everything. So it's a simple, cheap, affordable option for building and managing a simple business website. Then find your theme. So for this one, I'm looking for Painter because we're doing a painting contractor business website today. Then just put in the name of my business. So I'll put it in Keegan's Painting business, where I'm located. So Denver, Colorado, and then the type of business painting house painting, all of that commercial painting is a service. So I'm going to click on service continuity, and quickly, Mighty Sites automatically creates a simple professional website for my painting business.

Preview The Painter Website Template

Now it's just up to you from here, however much you want to customize this so you can change any of the images, you can change any of the text, and I'll show you exactly how to do that, but it's really simple and easy to do this from here. So basically, Mighty Sites automatically generates a simple professional website for small businesses if you are a painting contractor. This ly the most affordable way to get a simple professional website for your business. So from here, I click on the update section and can add anything I want. So I'll go in here and add my email address so people can contact me. And then I'm just going to click this show email on the website. I'm going to add my phone number, too, because I want people to be able to contact me that way, and I'm going to save that.

Add Contact Details and Social Media To Your Website

And my phone number and email are there. If you have a Facebook page for your business or something like that, you can copy and paste it into your Facebook page. So I'll type in mine here and then save that same for any of the other social media links. And then it's just clickable right there on your website and link. Now for this section, you can update this section, too, and add more menu items. If you want to add more links to your website to other places, you can do that right here. You can also update your logo. So if you have a logo, browse your computer and upload it. If you don't have a logo, check out It's a really easy place to create a logo, so I'm going over it and searching for Painter.

Upload or Create A Logo For Your Painting Business

And so let's see what we have. Yeah, House Painting Shop. Perfect. So there's like a nice simple logo for my painting contractor business. I'm saving this logo and downloading it to my computer as a jpeg. So again, Canva made it easy for me to create a logo for my business, but if you already have one, you can upload it from your computer. So I'm going to go back over here to Mighty Sites. I'm going to upload my logo, and this'll upload and save easily. So as soon as I do that, click save. Now you can see my logo, it's small, so I'm going to click on this button to make it bigger.

But I would like to fix this image. I'm going to click on this pencil here. And Mighty Sites comes with all of these image and logo editing tools. I'm going to crop my logo right there like that. But I can also add filters or background or a frame. All these tools are built in for me to use, but I will crop it like that for now. And then let that upload and re-save my logo, and you can see where we go. Now that's much better. I'm going to make it a little smaller now by clicking on the "make it smaller" button. So I'll save that, close it. So now my contact information there, my logo where I'm my city that I'm in some links now I can go down here and maybe make some edits to this.

Edit The Hero Image and Text

So if I want to, I can change this hero text. So I'll say, like leading a house painting business. Anything I want to edit here is really easy to do. And then book your free estimate. If you have an online booking, you can link to that. Or if you want to say something like a call for a quote, you can change that text too. And then change the link. So I'll change this to a link to call me, right? If somebody wants a quote, make it super simple and easy. Now, if someone's on my website on mobile, they can click on call for a quote and then call my business today. So that's easy to do. The next thing I'm gonna to do is scroll down. Here we are a painting company. I can change any of this, too, so I won't contact the contact us button to link to my lead form.

Edit Your Call-To-Action Buttons

So I'll go to the lead form, click confirm, and save that. And now, if someone clicks on Contact Us, take them to this lead form on my new website. So you know, they can contact me, and I'll see that they need a painting contractor and know a little bit about them and contact them. So I'll show you how that works in a sec. But you can change any of these images just by uploading a new image or changing any text just by simply typing what you want it to be. So I'll show you here. This is how you make a website for a painting contractor. So that's easy to do. Just save that and close it. So you can see any of this text and upload and edit any of the images too.

Change Colors

Now the other thing you can do is if you prefer a different color theme. You may have a, you know, a different color theme or different brand logo. I made mine blue, but maybe you like red and green, or your business's color is orange, pink, or light blue. You can pick through all of these different color themes or gold and pick the one that makes sense and matches the look you're going for with your website. But because of the color of my logo, I'm going to leave it navy blue.

Connect A Custom Domain Name

I'm pretty close to being done with my new website, which is ready for me to connect my domain and launch. So if I click on stop editing, you can see what this site looks like on a screen. Now without those update buttons, I have a simple professional website for my painting business.

Manage Painting Leads Through Your Contact Form in Your Website Dashboard

Just like that, right? That only took a couple of minutes, and I'm pretty well done and can launch this to help get leads for my business. What do leads look like if I go here? Let's say I typed in my name and email address, came to your website, and I'm interested in a painter. Put my phone number and now say I want to paint my house. Okay, so simple message, click send. Now, as a customer, I'll get this thank you for a message. And if I go back up here, you will get an email as the business owner saying that you have a new lead. And if you click on this, you'll be able to see your leads dashboard to see all of the potential new business coming to you through your website. Now, you can go back here to connect a domain.

Launch Your New Website

And when you're ready to launch, you can paste it into your domain. If you have a domain from GoDaddy, google domains, or any other registrar, type it in there. You'll get simple, straightforward instructions about what you need to do to make the quick updates with your registrar or to give them the instructions to make those updates for you. That'll allow you to connect your domain, and you'll be all set and ready to go to launch your website. You can go back here to make edits to your site or updates at any time you want. So just like that, you and easily create a nice professional website for a painting contractor using Mighty Sites. There's a seven free day free trial; again, it's only $9 a month. Having a great website for your small business is really simple, cheap, and affordable.

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