How To Make A Website For a Pest Control Business [Video]

How To Make A Pest Control Business Website

Learn how to make a pest control business website in this short video blog. We will demonstrate how to launch a website for your pest control business from start to finish. Within a few minutes you will have a simple professional website for your small business.

Video Transcription

Hi everyone, and welcome to this demo of how to build a website for your pest control business. Quickly, easily using Mighty Sites. Mighty Sites is only $9 a month, and it's really easy if you're a small or local business owner to pick a theme that works for you and quickly and easily create a simple, excellent, professional website for your business. So if you own a pest control business, go in here and search for the pest control templates. There are two in here, and you can choose either one. I will pick this first one here and see what this looks like on the screen. And I'm going to write in Keegan's Pest Control Service in Denver, Colorado. And then this is a service business. I'm going to click continue, and that's all I need to do to have a template generated for me.

Select The Pest Control Business Website Template

As you can see, as soon as I did that, the pest control service website template, which is a simple, professional-looking website template, was automatically generated for my business by entering my business name and info. Now I can change colors over here, so if, if, maybe, the blue theme works better for me or I want this more earthy theme, I can select through and pick whichever color template I feel best represents my business. So depending on how you brand your business, choose the one you like best. So I'll stick with this maybe blue theme for now and click save. Now all I need to do to update any of these sections is click on the update section, and I can go in here. I can add social media links for my business, and then I can add my Facebook page.

Add and Edit Contact Info and Links

And, as soon as I save my social links and close them, you'll see that they show up right here in the header section. Now I can go over and add things like my phone number to get people to call me. And again, without me having to do any work or coding, that shows up there. And then, if I switch between colors again, all those colors will change for me, too, and adjust. So now I've got my social media links, and I've got my phone number. I can add my email if I want to have that too.

So I can add my email, show my email on the site, and click save close. Now my contact information is obvious. I can update or add a logo too. So if you don't have a logo, going to Canva is a really easy spot. You click on the logo, and you can create a logo. It's cheap and easy to do. Let's see if there are any pest control templates here. Yeah, so there are, you know, templates for a pest control business. So I could go like this. And then let's use the pest control business logo. So all I need to do, I'll save that and download it. So now, instead of paying, you know, expensive money for a logo, you can make one in, can quick and easy, and then just download it. Then I'll upload that for my computer.

Create and Upload Your Logo

Let's see my downloads. Here's the logo I just created, and now I can click on this little pencil. So so you can see, as soon as I save this, I'm going to have controls where I can make this bigger or I can make it smaller. And then this pencil gives me the ability to crop it too. I need to crop this down. So it fits the screen a little better. So I'm going to go like this crop. This logo is like that. And then I've got tools too. I can filter, fine, tune, change colors, decorate, and add frames. So all types of easy image and logo editing tools are built into the platform. So as soon as I do that, save my new logo, and there we go. Now I like that size and everything.

It works a little bit better. So now my website's starting to come together, as you can see. So I've got a logo. If I want, I can go in here and update these residential and commercial pest control services. So I could say, maybe I'll add something like, oh, and then below it says fast, reliable, and trustworthy for any past or termite problems. I can even shorten that, you know, depending on how you want it to look. I'll add capital there, fast, reliable, and trustworthy residential and commercial pest control services. So that looks good and is clear for what I do. And then I can update this button here to be whatever I want. So let's say I put, let's just say I put call today.

Edit Links

I can do that, and then I can choose a link, and I'll choose my phone number of where I want that to link to and click save. And now when somebody comes to my website, you know, residential and commercial pest control services, fast, reliable, and trustworthy call today, they click on that, and it calls my business immediately. I would go down here if I want to update any of this. So contact us. Maybe I want that to go to my website. Go to the contact the lead form section. So I'll save that, save and close. So now, if somebody clicks contact us, jump to my lead form. I could also change that to email or have it go to call me, whatever works for my business. This is the pest control business website template.

Edit Text and Images About Your Pest Control Service

So you see how easy it is to type in any more information to save it close. It's a straightforward point-and-click editor. You can go down here and update any of your information similarly. You can change out any browse and upload a new image if you'd prefer of your business. You can do that with any of these images. And then, you can edit the image just by clicking on that little pencil, whether it's an image or a logo you upload. And then the significant part about this is that it's meant to generate leads for your business too. So if I go here and type myself in and show you what this looks like, instead of using a clunky, difficult-to-put-together form or lead generation tool, I need pest control services.

Generate and Manage Business Leads

So I can type that in as if I'm somebody on the front end of your website. I'll get this little message from the customer. And then, if I want, I can click on stop editing and go to the site dashboard. This is the dashboard you get; you'll get an email when you get leads off your site. If I click view leads, now I can click in here and contact anybody who comes to my website and, you know, is generated as a lead for my business. You could easily connect a custom domain. So if you have a domain for your business through Google domains, goad, or any of the popular ones, type it in, save it, and it walks you through a really easy process for connecting your domain. You can update your social information or anything in the background here.

Connect a Domain and Launch Your Website

Again, this is only $9 a month for everything included here. Once you're ready to go, your website's connected. You can always come back and make simple edits to this anytime. Still, it's easy and inexpensive to get up and running with a simple professional one-page website for $9 a month for your pest control business using Mighty Sites' free trial. So check it out below, and click for the free trial. But you can quickly and easily have an excellent professional website for your pest control business today. And you can launch it in just a few minutes using Mighty Sites.

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