How To Make a Website for a Plumber - FAST & EASY! [Video]

How To Make A Website For A Plumber

Learn to create a website for a plumber using Mighty Sites. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to make a website for a plumber using this easy small business website builder. After you watch the video give it a try yourself with a 7-Day Free Trial.

Video Transcription

Hi, and welcome, everyone. Today I'm going to show you how to make a website for a plumber—simple and easy-to-use Mighty Sites. As you can see, Mighty Sites is a platform with all these different themes and website templates for small businesses. All you need to do is go in here, and you can search for a plumber. And here is the Plumber website template. So I'm just going to click on this. It will first ask you to enter your name, so I'm your company name. So I'm going to type in Keegan's Plumbing Service, and then I'm going to go down here, type in where I'm located, so Denver, Colorado. And then, I can choose my type of business. I'm going to select a service because the plumbing business is a service business. And click continue.

Instantly Generate A Plumber Website Template

And just like that, the platform will instantly generate a website for my plumbing service. If you are a plumber looking for a website, this is the easiest way to create a simple professional website for your plumbing business. So you can see just like that, all the pictures and text are written for me. And now, all I have to do is edit the template, which is easy to do, connect my domain and launch the site. So let me show you what it looks like to make some edits. First, I can click on the update section for any of these sections and enter the information. So contact information is always a good idea. So I'm going to type in my phone number and click save. And now my phone number shows up right here on the website.

Add Your Contact Information To Your Website

I want to add my email address. So we can connect people. I'm going to add my email address. Click show email. Now my email shows up on the website. I have a Twitter or Facebook page, and I want to add that too. I'm going to type Facebook, and you could copy yours too. But I copied the link to my Facebook page and clicked save. And now my Facebook page is here. The same goes for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can paste those in, and the icon will show up along with the link. So once those are all set, now I have some basic information. If you want to add your actual address, you can do that. Or if you're going to put the city and state that you serve with your plumbing services, you can do that too.

Edit Your Navigation Menu

Next, I'll look over here and update my menu, and I can add new menu items—type in what I want to say and where I want to link. So, either a place on my website or another website. I want it to be an action like calling me, or if I want to upload a PDF with information, I can do any of that with the links. The logo is a, is an important part. So if you have, leave it as just your name is written out, and that's fine. But if you have a logo, you can browse and upload it. If you need a logo for your plumbing business, I would. I suggest you go check out It's really easy to use. And you can go over here and create a logo. Just create a design logo and then.

Create A Logo For Your Plumbing Business

Right over here, search for your business type. So I'm going to search for a plumber, and you can see, look at all these professional logos they get created right away from me. So this is, this is awesome. And now, I can pick a logo that I prefer. And I'll save this as a plumber logo, download it to my computer, and download it as a jpeg. And now, instead of paying for an expensive design project, I've just created a logo efficiently here in Canva. So I'll go back over here, browse, upload my logo to my new plumber's website, and save my logo. And you can see how the logo's here. Now I can make it bigger if I want. I can make it smaller. And because this logo had much room around it, I'm going to make some edits.

Edit and Crop Your Business Using Mighty Sites

So I'm going to go over here to this pencil, and I'm going to click on that pencil, and it opens up all of these image and logo editing tools that I can use in the back end of the system. So right now, I need the cropping tool. So I will bring this down like that and crop out that extra space around my logo to make it a better fit on the website. Once I'm done, I click done. It's going to save the new version for me automatically. Just going to click save. And now you can see that my new logo is here and looks sharp on the site. Now, if I want to do the same thing, let's say I want to make it smaller. Now, that may work. Now it's all set and made a little smaller. Just click save.

Now that section's updated. I've got an excellent website coming along for my plumbing business, and it's been easy to make edits and add things. So next, I'm going to go to the hero section and click on the update section. I suggest changing some of the hero techs. So let's say I want to leave it at this plumbing service. So I'll say plumbing services here. And then and then I'll say Quick and reliable service. And then here for request a quote, I'll change this to request a quote. So you can leave all of that as it is, or you can. I'm showing you how easy it is to make some simple edits. Now, to request a quote, a great way to do this is to have that link directly to your call to action section.

Edit The Call-To-Action Buttons On Your Website

So you can go to your call to action section or your bout section, or you could have that be a phone call. So I can click here on click to call and save. And now, if someone's on their phone and they click on request to quote, it'll automatically call my business too. So, which is, which is lovely. So now it'll request a quote, and then if I go down here and I want to make any edits, I can go in here and make any updates to any of these sections too. So again, this website's coming along sharp. I can go down here, and I can type

Let's say I wanted to add something or change it here. This is how to make a website for a plumber. So I can type in the text and close it. Now it shows up nicely and clearly. That contact button, I can, again, choose to have it linked to other sections. I can have that also call me; I could upload a PDF of my rates or something like that and say, you know, check out our rates so I can change the button here. So it all depends on what you want to use those calls to action for either to call you. You could use those to email you too. So if you're going to have someone, you could say reach out by email, and then you could choose how you link that and go to action and then click to email.

And now, when someone clicks on it, it'll automatically open to email your business. So now, request a quote. We'll call you and reach out by email. We'll email you. You can edit any of these images by browsing and uploading a new image. Or you can use the pictures that are there. You can edit any of these service sections here too. And then edit any of the addresses. Now, if you want to change the colors, this blue works well, especially with that logo. But let's say that you want to change it to green or you want to change it to a red or earth tone. All these different color themes are available to change your website. And so there's more being added all the time. So it depends on your look and what kind of look you want for your business.

Change Your Website's Color Theme

You can go in here and change all of these themes around until you find one that works best in terms of color theme for your business. But again, I, you know, just with his logo, I especially like this dark blue. So once it's all set, you can go over here to stop editing and return to your site dashboard. And then, here, you can connect a domain, and you will see leads. So as you generate leads through your website and they contact you, you'll see your leads show up in the lead section. You can go in here and connect your domain. So all you do is type in the name of your domain, and it'll provide you with instructions that you give to your registrar. So Google domains or or GoDaddy put in your domain name, and then Mighty Sites will provide you with the instructions to share with them so that the connection gets made between your domain name and your site.

Launch Your Website and Connect A Custom Domain

And a few easy steps that Mighty Sites set up. And you'll even get issued a secure certificate, so your website is secure. Now you can go back and make edits at any time. You can click on stop editing to see your site's appearance without those update buttons. So this is what a consumer will see. And within just a few minutes, you can quickly and easily generate a simple professional website for a plumber using Mighty Sites. It's the best, easiest-to-use software platform that exists. So go ahead and give the seven-day free trial a start. It's only $9 a month for the whole platform. So it's inexpensive, really affordable. Give it a try today and launch an excellent, simple professional website for your plumbing business.

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