How To Make A Website For A Plumbing Business [Video]

How To Make A Plumbing Business Website

This video demonstrates how to make a website for a plumbing business. Learn to create a simple one-page website for a plumber using Mighty Sites. Watch this simple tutorial to get started.

Video Transcript

Good morning. So today, we're going to talk about how you can create a simple website for your plumbing business in just a minute. So I'm going to share my screen and walk you through this process.

Start Your Free Trial and Enter Your Plumbing Business Details To Get Started

So I am on the mighty website. And all I would do is click on start free trial or launch as two quick ways to build my website. Now you'll see down here that plumbing is one of the business types available through this system. So if I look right here, you can click on the plumber, and it'll take you right into the flow to build your plumbing business website. Now I'm logged into the back end. So I'll show you from the system's back end the same experience you'd have where you type in the information on clicking get started. So I'm going to go back here, and I'm going to find a plumber.

That's the type of business I'm building a website for. I'll type in my business name, say quality plumbing. So here's my business right here. Click continue. Now I can see the information right here, and I can click update information if I want to, or I can click on update hours and change the hours. Super easy to do. If everything looks good, I click looks good next.

View Your Plumbing Business Website Template

And the system will automatically use artificial intelligence, have images pre-done for you, all your website copy written for you, and have a simple professional plumbing business website ready to go. So I can scroll through this. If everything looks good, I click activate. And that's where it'll prompt me and ask me for my credit card. It's only $9 a month. That includes hosting for the brand-new, simple professional plumbing business website. Click on activate now.

Easy-To-Use Website Editing

And this is where it takes me to the section where I can update the site, which is super easy. So if I want to change or add any social media links, I click to add them here. If I want to update this section and maybe change the image, I can click here and update it, click save when I'm done and close it. If I want to rewrite any of the text, I can jump right in here, rewrite the text, and it'll show up right there on my screen, my website. If I want this contact button to, let's say I want it to call me automatically. If somebody clicks on contact, I can switch it to my phone number for my business, which will already be there, and click save. And now, when they click on the contact button, it'll automatically call my business. I can change any photos, services, or information, but if everything looks good, I'm ready to connect my domain and launch my new plumbing business website.

Creating a professional website for your business using mighty sites is easy and straightforward.

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