How To Make A Website For Your Painting Business [Video]

How To Make A Website For a Painting Business

In this video tutorial we will show you how to make a website for a painting business. This video takes you through the step by step process of building a mobile-friendly, professional website for painters. Check out the video to learn more.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, and thanks for joining me. Today we'll talk about how to quickly and easily make a website for a painter or painting business using the Mighty Site system. So I'm going to jump over here, share my screen, and we'll get started.

Getting Started

So if you're looking for a simple, easy, effective way to create a simple professional website for your painting business, this is the way to go. So I can go to and click here on start Free trial or launch, or if I want, I can scroll down here, pick the painting business website template directly and then jump right into it there. So you can see it's here. So I'm going to do that. I'm going to click right here on the Painting Business Template. The first thing that will ask me to do is enter my business information.

Enter Information About Your Painting Business

So I enter my name, my business, my email, my name, and some simple details. So first, I'm going to look and find my painting business painter. So, Craft Painters do not have a website, so let's use Craft Painters. So you can see they just discovered their business right here. So you can find your painter business in the system. And if it's not listed, no worries. It's speedy and easy. Just click here to add your business information manually. And you put in your business name, address, and hours. Suppose you can find your business, which. You can find your business in the system if you have a Google Business profile. You search your business name, find it, and click on continue.

And then the Mighty States is going to pull in your business information. So you can see here I've got the phone number and the business address. I can update any of this. I can add my email address if I want to. I can erase any of this information or change it. If it looks good, I click save. I can also update the hours that I operate as a painter. So if I, you know, let's say I decide I'm open on Sundays and work from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Now, I quickly and easily update my hours for my business, but let's say that I, No, I'm, I'm closed. That was a mistake. I click on closed again and click save. It's simple and easy to put in your primary business information. And Mighty Sites is going to use that to populate the website.

Generate The Painter Website Template

So once that business information looks good, I click on Looks good next to generate the Painter Business website template. So when I click on this, you can see that my business name comes in right here. This template already comes pre-licensed with images and text for you to use. So all these images, all of this text, it's all pre-written for you to make it simple and easy to build a website for a painting business. So as I scroll back up here, you can see lovely images and text pre-written, and it pulls in the business location too. So you can see that if I go to the location information, that was the address pulled in. So it pulls that into the template along with the name and the phone number.

It tries to give you an excellent, easy way to start creating or building your website for your painting business. So next, I click on activate this site to customize and launch, and then I can click on this to start my free trial. And from here, it gives me the option to start updating or editing my site.

Update and Edit Your New Website

So I just clicked on Update your site, and I have a front-end editor for the Painter website template. So I can click on the update section, and I want to add my social media links. I can add them here. And you can see on the right-hand side that my social media links are now populating. So I now have my Twitter address there. Let's say I put it on my Facebook page. Now the Facebook logo pops up, and these are linked to the right place.

I can click on save social links. I can also update any of my location information. If I want different phone numbers or emails to appear, I can keep that and close them. So this front-end editor is straightforward to help you make your painter's website. So if I click on the update section again, let's say I want to change the menu items. I can reorder them. I can add new menu items. I can change them around. I can update my logo here. So if I want to browse my computer and update my business logo instead of the name, I can quickly and easily do that. I can edit any of my location information. All that looks, gotta click save and close. Now, right here, I can also, let's say, have a nice picture of myself, my team, and my painting van.

I can click here on upload image, browse, and upload a new hero image as the background—the same thing with the menu. I can rearrange or create new menu items on the site's front end too. So again, simple and easy to update this. If I want to change any text, I click on the update section. I click on the text, and you can see, let's type in right here. This is the Painter website template. So that's easy. You can see what you're ordering. Let's say I wanted to make this bold. I can do that. Just say I want to link this somewhere. I can easily add a link right here to link out to something different. But it's really simple and easy to edit the paint your website template, especially the text. You can see exactly where you're doing there.

Let's say this button. I want that to say contact instead of contact us. That's easy to do. Then I can choose where that links if I want it to connect to a section of my website or I'd prefer to link to maybe I. I expect many people will visit my website on their phones, which is where much traffic happens. So I'm just going to have them click to call. So when they click on contact, it automatically calls my phone number. That's easy to do. But if I want to link to another website or, you know, booking software, I can enter the booking link right there. And that's easy to do too. So I'll leave it as it automatically calls my business when they click the contact. That's an excellent way to generate leads off of a website.

And again, any of these images or the text can be easily changed or updated. But again, all of this is included for you. So as you're making your painting business website using Mighty Sites, this is all included. Just feel free to use these images. Use this text. But again, if you want to edit any of this or change it, it's also really easy to do that too. So once that's complete, I can click right here at the top and stop editing, and I can return to the site dashboard.

Connect Your Painting Business Domain Name

Once I get back to the dashboard, I can connect a custom domain for my business. So let's say I have, you know, my painter I paste that in here, and I click save. Once I do that, I'll get simple instructions that tell me how to update things with my domain registrar.

So I go in, and I make those simple updates. Once that's ready to go, then, you know, it usually takes like 24 hours, but then it'll update the system, and all of a sudden I'll have, you know, my painter business will be linked back to my new Mighty Sites website for my business. So that works well.

That's How You Make A Website For A Painting Business

And now everything that's included with this too, this is why I like this simple professional website builder for painters, is with this, it's only $9 a month. That includes website hosting. It consists of that secure certificate so that your website is secure and safe for your customers to use online. It's a, it includes the responsive template, includes pre-licensed images, includes text written for you, and includes the easy-to-use editor that you see here. You must go over to billing and put it in your credit card to get started. So basically, that's how easy it is to make a website for your painting business using Mighty Sites. The really simple way to create a professional, simple, mobile-friendly website that can help drive more business to you for your painting services.

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