How to Make a Website for Your Window Treatment Store [VIDEO]

Unlock the Potential of Your Window Treatment Store with a User-Friendly, Attractive Website: Here's How!

Hey there! Welcome to the Mighty Sites YouTube channel. In this video today, I'm going to be showing you how to use our platform to borrow a website for your window treatment store. If you've just randomly stumbled across this video today and you aren't even familiar with Mighty Sites, Mighty Sites is the easiest way to create a simple website for a small business. You can literally launch your own websites in less than one minute. It's super affordable; it's only going to cost nine dollars a month, and there is a free trial available for seven days. So, make sure you click on the link below this video, sign up for the free trial, and give it a go. See how well it works for you and your small business.

Video Transcript

Once you join the platform, the first thing I'd ask you to do is to search for your markets. We have hundreds of different markets to choose from for different small businesses, solopreneurs, and people with various side hustles, and we are adding more markets every single week. So, I'm gonna head to the top very quickly, and I'm gonna search for my market: window treatment store. There it is over there. I'm now going to go ahead and select that template. Awesome!

Let's go ahead and put in a few basic details about our window treatment stores so Mighty Sites can generate a simple website for us. I'm going to go ahead and put in my company name, as well as Master C and my State or region. It doesn't matter where in the world your window shutter service is located. Sorry, I said "shutter" over there. Window treatments store is located; you can enjoy the Mighty Sites service. We have happy users from all around the globe.

Let's go ahead and change this type of business from restaurant to retail. Click on continue. Awesome! Look at that, Mighty Sites has literally generated a simple website for my window treatment store in not even a minute. Let's take a closer look at what it's come up with together.

Now, the beauty of Mighty Sites is we've pre-written all the content for you as a guideline. Of course, we pre-selected all the images as well. They're all really high quality, and they're completely free to use. However, I'm sure you've got some awesome images of all the different window products you are stocking and supplying, and you want to showcase them on your website. Maybe make some amendments to the content that was pre-written for you. You can do that. So, today, that's exactly what I'm going to be showing you. I'm going to be making my way through each section, from the top to the bottom, giving you a little bit of a look and feel of how the platform works and how simple it is to use. You don't need to know coding, you don't need to be a web developer, and you certainly don't need to hire a professional to help you with this either.

So, let's get cracking. I'm going to click on the first section at the top and go ahead and put in my company email address, as well as my phone number. I'm gonna go ahead and click on "show email" and tick the box so my email address is displayed on my website. So, my customers can easily reach out to me. I'm now going to go ahead and put in my phone number, as well as my address, my physical location. Let's go ahead and put in our postal code. The great thing about that physical location: when your customers click on that address, it will automatically take them to Google maps to get directions to your physical location.

Let's head on over to "update Social Links". Now, over here, you can put in the various social media platforms that your business is active on. Icons will be displayed at the top, as well as the bottom of your website. Your customers can easily give you a follow, get some engagement going, and see what your business is up to.

Let's head on over to "update and add our logo". If you don't have a logo yet, I do recommend you check out You'll find a few free grades options on the website. Logo's been uploaded. If you want to make slight amendments to it, like cropping it, etc., go ahead and click on this little pencil. I'm gonna quickly slightly crop it so it fits better into that section. You can add frames, filters, zoom in, rotate it, flip it, etc. Awesome! Let's go ahead and re-save the logo. We can make it bigger and smaller if necessary, but I think that sizing is perfect, so I'm going to go ahead and leave it as is. It's looking really lovely.

Now, with Mighty Sites as well, we've pre-selected all the colors used throughout your website for you. Basically, we wanted to make this easy as possible when it comes to launching a simple website for your window treatments store. Maybe these colors don't quite go with your branding, your business cards, your signage, and your store? You want to change it? No color coding needed. Click on the little Paint Bucket and go through the various color palettes available for you to use. That looks really great, so I'm going to go ahead and select that one. It goes really well with my marketing branding and message.

Awesome! Let's head on over to "upgrade image". Now, over here, you can browse your device and upload your own images. Otherwise, search through the photo library. Hundreds of images to choose from are completely free to use. You do need to play around with the terms a little bit, the keywords you're searching for. So, I'm going to go ahead and just search for "window treatments" to see what pops up. Otherwise, I'm going to go ahead and look for blinds. There's one or two suitable images, so I'm going to go ahead and select this one for now. I can change it at a later stage and upload some of my own. That looks awesome!

Let's head on over to "update contents". Now, over here, buttons task or subtitles to suit your business needs. Button currently says "get free estimate", which is perfectly fine by me. So, I'm going to go ahead and choose my link. You can link to another website if need be. You can link to an action that clicks code directions or click to email. I'm gonna link to "click to email". Otherwise, you can upload a PDF file. Maybe of all the different window treatment options you offer, a catalog in PDF format. When your customers click on that button, it will take them to your catalog.

Over here again, pre-written content. Button can link to various places. Click on "update section" and make the necessary changes. We've now made our way to the "about" section. Over here, you can put a little bit more details about how your business came to be. How you got into this industry? Maybe it's a family-run business? Go ahead and put all the details over here. What does your store feature? Is there like a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from? Do you also offer the installation of the window treatments? Go ahead and put all the details here. Your customers would love to hear your story and the background of your business.

We've now made our way into the "services section". If you offer more than one type of window treatment, you can add a service section for each. So, I offer blinds, shutters, and shades. I'm going to go ahead and create a service section for each. Go ahead and put in the details of each service. Your customers would love to know what is included. Also, include any guarantees and warranties offered. Maybe you can add in some info about the manufacturing process. Maybe your blinds are made from recycled materials and are eco-friendly. Make sure to mention that if it is the case. Go ahead and put in all those amazing details about your service, and your customers are going to love knowing those things.

We've now made our way into the "contacts section", and over here you can put in all your details. Make sure you keep your contact details up to date. Make sure you're reachable. There's nothing more frustrating for a customer than trying to get a hold of a business and not being able to.

I just wanted to quickly mention, as well, that Mighty Sites offers various support options. We have a live chat feature available for you on the website. If you have any questions, make sure you give us a shout. We also offer some how-to guides that you can refer to if you are experiencing any difficulties when it comes to customizing and personalizing your Mighty Sites website. We have a Facebook group available for you to join. You can get some support from our community, as well as from the Mighty Sites team. You can ask questions and maybe learn a thing or two about how other people are using the Mighty Sites platform.

That is it, everybody! As you can see, it's really, really simple. It's very intuitive, and it's really user-friendly. It's the easiest way to launch a website for your window treatments store. Give it a go, check it out for yourself, and see how well it works for you. Thank you so much for tuning in today. If you found this video helpful, make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. Hit that notification bell, so you never miss out on any future Mighty Sites videos. Thanks for tuning in! Bye for now.

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