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Man fixing air conditioning - How to make a website for an air conditioning contractor

This video blog teaches you how to make a website for an air conditioning contractor. Watch the video below for a short tutorial to help you get started. Then, start your FREE trial of the Mighty Sites wwebsite platform.

Video Transcription

Hi, and welcome everyone to today's video, where I will show you exactly how to create a simple professional website for your air conditioning contractor business. So the first thing I do is go to mighty There's a seven-day free trial. Super simple and easy to create a website. It's only $9 a month, too. You heard that, right? $9 a month to create a professional website for an air conditioning contractor.

Enter Business Information and Select Air Conditioning Contractor Template

So all I do is start to type in air conditioning. I'm going to find the theme for your business. Suppose you can do air conditioning, repair service, or air conditioning, contractor. Either one's okay. I'll pick this template to get started. And then, the first thing you do is type in your company name or email address to begin your free trial. I already did that. So now I just put in my company name. So my company name, we'll call it Keegans Air Conditioning contractor.

And then I'm just going to put in where I live. So Denver, Colorado, and then the type of business. This is a service business, so I'll click continue. And just like that, mighty Sites will automatically generate a simple professional website for my business. As I scroll through this, I just created a simple professional website for my air conditioning contractor business without me having to do anything except type in a little bit of information about my business. And you can see it says Denver, Colorado has my business name in here, and now I need to make some edits to it. And I can be done with an excellent professional website to market my business in just a few minutes. The first thing I'm going to do is click on this paint can, and you can change the colors to whatever you want.

Add and Edit Your Business Logo

So if you decide, whatever fits with your logo or your style, there's a particular look that you are going for with your website. You can click through this and pick a color theme for your business. And there are different color themes, and new ones are always added. So you can pick through and decide on one that you like. So for this one, I'll go with a classic here. I'll go with a black and white color theme. That looks sharp. And we'll get us started like that. Next, I can add my contact information to this update section. So again, it's just pointed and clicked. So it makes it easy. You can be something other than a website builder to make this work.

Add Contact Information To The Website

So I type in my email address, and I can click on this button and show the email on the site. Let's add my phone number too. So I'm going to add my business phone number and click save. Now that's there. I could add my address if I want, but you don't have to. Let's say you have some social media links, like a Facebook page. I'm adding my Facebook page here. So you would copy and paste the link to your Facebook page and save it. And now my Facebook page is linked. So now my contact information here, my social media, where I'm located. So I'll move on to the next section, the update section, and go in here. And I can add new menu items. So if there are more things that I want to link to or type in what I want it to say, then I choose the link to another website to a different portion of my website to an action item, like to call me or click on directions.

Or if I want to upload a PDF and have that load, I can do that too. So there are lots of different options there as well. Next, I can add a logo. So if you have a logo, this is a great spot to add it. If you don't have a logo, check out It's a really easy way to create a simple logo for your business. But for now, I'll browse and grab a logo from my computer. Let's see what logos I have so that you can understand how this works. And then, you can create and upload your logo here; if you want, you can leave it as your business name too. So there's no problem, there's no, there's not necessary to upload a logo to use this, but sometimes, a nice simple logo will go a long way in helping people recognize your business.

So I do suggest uploading it if you have it. Once I upload my logo, I'll click on save. And you can see now that my logo appears on the site. I can click on these two buttons. Again, this is a really easy website builder, so I can click on it, make it bigger, or click on it, make it smaller, whatever I prefer. And then I can click on this little pencil icon here too. And it opens up all of these image and logo editing tools. So I can go through and filter it, finetune it, decorate it, and put a frame around it. Any of these tools are here. So again, I don't need to crop this image, but if I did, it'd be super easy to use this cropping tool to make those edits. But again, the logo looks good as it is.

Edit The Hero Text and Images

So this is all set, but those tools are there for you if you need them. So then I click save Close. Now you can see that my website's coming along quickly and easily, so I'll move to the next section. You can update this section for whatever you want it to say. So locally owned and operated air conditioning contractor. And then there's a subtitle too. Let's say that you want it to, wanted it just say Air Conditioning contractor, right? You can change that there and click save. So it's just a point-and-click to type in what you want to say. So if you, you know, maybe you want to say like we, we handle all, right, we handle all selling all that you, you know, that's not necessary. But to show you how easy it is to point and click, you can have this button say whatever you want to.

Edit The Call-To-Action Buttons on Your Air Conditiong Contractor Website

You may want people to call you. You could change this to call today. You could change it to request a quote or, you know, request service, whatever you want it to say. And then this link links the button to whatever you want. So depending on what you want it to say or where you want it to link, you can link to another part of your website. You can link to call you right away. So when people click on it, they call you. If you're using some booking software or something like that, you could also link out to that. Or if it's about your rates or more information, you can upload a pdf. For now, I'll link to the leads form section, which I'll show you. I'm confirming this, saving it, and closing the editor.

And now, this will link to my Get in Touch section, which I'll show you how that works in a minute. But your website comes pre-built with this to help generate leads. So that's a good thing on the front. People are going to click on request service, going to take them right here. They fill out the information, it comes to you, you'll get an email that you have a new lead, and I'll show you exactly how that works in the dashboard in a second. But as you scroll through this website, you can also make changes to any text or images, and you'll have all those image tools if you want to upload a new one. If I go in here and say this, I'll show you how this works. This is how you make a website for an air conditioning contractor.

So I can type that in like that. Save close, super easy to edit, and convey what I want to share about my business. As I scroll down, I'm pretty close to being done with a nice, professional-looking website for my business. If I click on this and stop editing, you can see what it looks like without those update buttons. Those are just for you to share. I'm going back here and making one quick edit because I changed that when I clicked in. That looks the way I want. So again, see how easy it is to edit the site. So I'll click save close, and now let's look at it again without those buttons. Cool. This is a nice website to share with people.

Generate and Manage Customer Leads Through Your Website Dashboard

And again, you can change these images to whatever you want. Hopefully, images of your business too. Then someone comes, and they find your site. They need air conditioning and an air conditioning contractor. They can come in here and type this out in their email. So you've got their contact info, phone number, and then their message. I need an air conditioning contractor. So they type that in and then click send, and they'll get a nice little thank you message here. And then, you will get an email letting you know you have a new lead. And when you log into the backend of your site here, go to the site, and it probably needs a second to load. So as I go back to the site's backend and go to the dashboard, there we go. Now you've got your new lead.

If I click on view leads, you can see here's the new lead that just came in for your business. It's got my name, email, contact information, and a note of what I need. And now you can contact them to get started on service. Once you're ready to go, you can connect your domain.

Connect Your Domain or Buy one From Google Domains

Most businesses have their domain through something like GoDaddy or Google Domains. There are simple instructions for how to get those connected. So you paste in your domain, follow the instructions, and you'll be able to connect you're, do your custom domain to the site too. So you'll be up and running in no time. And once that's done, you'll be all set, and you can launch a brand new website for your business just like that, using Mighty Sites. Creating a nice professional website for your air conditioning contractor services is simple and easy. Good luck.

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