How To Make An Aquarium Shop Website [Video]

How To Make An Aquarium Shop Website

In this video we show you how to create a simple one-page website for an aquarium shop. The aquarium shop website template and website builder are easy to use. After you enter your business information it is straightforward to edit and launch your new website. Learn how to build an aquarium shop website using Mighty Sites.

Video Transcription

Hi everyone, and welcome. My name is Keegan Edwards. Today I'm going to show you how to create a simple professional one-page website for your aquarium shop using Mighty Sites. So let's get started.

Initiating Your Free Trial

I'm going to share my screen and show you this easy-to-use simple website builder for aquarium shops. So if I go to the Mighty Sites website, I can click on launch, I can click on start free trial, or I can scroll right down to the bottom of the page and select my business type, Aquarium Shop. So I'm just going to do that. I'm going to click on Aquarium Shop. And now, to get started, all I have to do first and foremost is find my business information. So I'm going to put in right here Golden Fish Aquariums. There we go.

Find Or Enter Your Aquarium Store Business Information

There's my aquarium store. You find your business. If you can't find it, you manually enter your business information for your aquarium shop. So click on that and then click continue. Now, this is the first step in how to make a website for an aquarium shop. Just find your business information. Once you've found that, you can click here on the update location to add your email address and edit your phone number and address if any of that is inaccurate. If it all looks good, click here on save. Then over here, update hours. Let's say you decide you're open on Wednesdays. Or that's a mistake. Let's say eight to five. That's how quickly and easily you can edit the hours for your business. Again, you click save if those hours are correct—no need to do that.

Then I go back here and change that. We're closed Wednesdays, click save, and that's all set. So this is where you enter your business information. It's the first step in building a website with Mighty Sites. And then, once that's all set, you click on Looks good next. And now what's going to happen is Mighty Sites, based on the information you entered about your business, will automatically generate a simple professional aquarium shop website template for you to preview. So you can see that there are images here that are all licensed for you to use.

Additionally, all of the text about your business has been pre-written for you. Now you can edit any of this information. You can switch the images and change any of this text too. However, if you're looking to get a website up quickly and easily, know that all this information is already pre-approved for you to use well.

Preview The Aquarium Shop Website Template

So once that all looks good and you're comfortable with it, here's the Aquarium Shop website template. Now you click on Activate this site to customize and launch. So this is where you start your free trial. To activate this site and click on Activate Now and again, you get a short period, seven days, to test this out and make sure that this is the right website platform for you. So I'm just going to click here and activate your site now. And once it does this, my site's been activated. Now I can update my site. So I'm going to go right here to update the Mighty site.

Make Edits With The Easy-To-Use Website Template Editor

This really simple, easy-to-use front-end website editor will now populate for me. So if I go over here and click on this update section, let's say I want to add my social media links. So I go in here, type them in, and you'll see that they will populate on the right as I add my social media links for the business. I don't have to do anything else. And no coding, no editing, anything like that. I enter my social media links; the template will automatically recognize those when I paste them in and include the icon and the link. So once that's done, I click on Save and Close. And now, I have my social media links for my aquarium shop added to my website template. Now, let's say I want to upload my logo.

I can go over here to update the logo, browse from my computer and upload my business logo. I can edit my location information in the section, or if I want to change the menu items, I can delete menu items or edit them. I can reorder them or add more menu items to my main navigation here on my aquarium shop website. Once that's all set, I click on save, and that's done. Again, the same thing if I have a storefront photo or I have a picture of myself and my team or the types of fish that I sell in my store or the food, whatever that is, I can go here to update the image, and I can again, simply browse and upload a new picture. No editor, no messy website builder. Again, this is an easy-to-use Website Builder for aquarium shops.

So you can upload a new image there. Now, let's say I want to add some more text. So let's say this is an excellent start, but I want to add something like this. This Aquarium Shop website template looks great, right? Let's say I want to make a minor edit like that. You can type in the text again if you, and you'll see it right up here and there the same way it will on your website for your users. I can click on delete and remove it. And once I've done that, the text is gone. Let's say I want this Contact Us button to say contact. I can delete the contact part. Now it says contact. And let's say I'd prefer if people, when they click on contact, it brings them to the Directions app, right?

Cause many people will look at this website on their phones. So let's say you prefer if it, you click on that it brings them to the Directions app. You can do that there, or you can click right here on click to Call. Let's say somebody wants to contact me. I want them to click on that button and call me. Or it can link to a different section of your website or even link out to another website if that's what you prefer. So, for now, I'm just going to put it on directions and confirm. And then I'm going to visit our aquarium shop here. Or maybe I put visit our aquarium store. Either one, save clothes. Now, when someone clicks on that, it will bring them right to directions to my store. So you can see it's really.

Simple and easy to make edits to any of these site sections to get it to have the information you want and the images you want. But once everything looks good, you are good to go to click on stop editing and return to the site dashboard.

Making Updates and Edits To Your New Website In The CMS Dashboard

Now, once you return to the site dashboard, this is where you have a few options. You can connect a domain. So if I go here and I have a domain like my aquarium, that's where I can paste my domain name into this domain section. And once I've done that, I will get a simple little list of instructions from Mighty Sites that tells me what to update with Google Godaddy, wherever you have your domain registered, it will give you the updated records. You then move right over. After you place the domain, you move right over to the other company GoDaddy, let's say update those records, and then your domain name will be connected to your new Mighty Site's website too.

What's Included

Now, if I go back to the dashboard, I can also update my location right from the dashboard. I can update hours. I can update my social links or information. I can get right back here to edit my site if I decide I need to change something or make another edit on the site, and then I can quickly go back to the dashboard this way. And then, of course, there's the billing section. So it's, it's $9 a month. This is a great deal for you because it includes a secure certificate. That means your website has that lock on it. It's a secure website for your customers.

On top of that, the price includes the aquarium shop website template. It consists of those pre-licensed images, the copy written for you, web hosting, and the ability to connect a custom, custom domain, all for $9 a month. So it's a really simple, affordable, easy-to-use website editor and builder for aquarium shops. So that's how you build a website for your aquarium shop using body sites.

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