Simple Education Consultant Website Template [Video Tutorial]

Educational Consultant Website Template

In this video I share how to create a simple and professional one-page website for your college consulting business using the Mighty Sites website generator. The education consultant website template is simple and easy-to-edit.

Video Transcription

Intro to the College Consultant Website Template

Thanks, everyone, for joining me today. I will show you exactly how to create a college consultant website template quickly and easily using mighty sites. So the first thing you do is you can click right here and start for a trial, or you can click on launch or scroll down right here and find an educational consultant or college consultant. That's the website template, and you click on it. And once you click on it, it brings you to this prompt to find your business to get started.

Answer a Few Simple Questions To Get Started

So now it's easy. All you do is type in the name of your business. Let's find education consulting. There we go. So you see the name of your business. You click continue. And the first thing it's going to do is prompt you with your business information and hours.

Now, if you don't have any hours on your Google business profile, it'll be blank, but it's super easy to add them. So you can go in right here and click on hours. Let's say you operate from eight to five on Monday, and then you do, say eight 15 until six 30 Tuesday. On Wednesday, you do eight 30 until four 30. And on Thursday, you do 10, 10:00 AM until four 30. And I'm just using those hours to show you how easy it is that it will pretend you're closed. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday click save. And now you have your hours. Once all of this looks good. And again, you can update your location information. Many education or college consultants work from home if this is your home address. You can delete it here, and I'll show you where you have an option to do that again as well.

You can add your email if you'd like that in here at this point again. You don't have to. You can always add it later too. Once all this looks good, you click on looks good next.

Your New College Consultant Website Template is Generated For You

And then, just like that, Mighty Sites will automatically generate a simple professional college consultant website template for your business. Now it's easy to make any edits to this that you want. But using the information from Google, my business, and the questionnaire, Mighty Sites will fill out all the information. So that includes writing the copy. The images are all pre-licensed for you to use on the site, the hours that you saw us enter in your business phone number, it's all there. And then, you can make edits to this template easily. So just like that, there's a professional website for your education consulting business. So this is the template for college consultants. So, click here to activate this site to customize and launch. It's $9 a month, and that's it. And it is a super great price because it includes the template. The images Mighty Sites already wrote for the copy. You possess a secure certificate, so your website will have this little lock on it.

It and it'll be a secure site for people to use, and it includes hosting. And it also consists of the ability to connect a domain you own through GoDaddy or, or Google domains to connect one of those custom domains to the site. So it's a super great price with everything included.

So if I click on activate now, that's where you'd put in your credit card. But I'm already working on my account. So I added another site.

Editing The Educational Consulting Website Template

And now, I click here on update your mighty site, and I can quickly click on any section I want to make an edit. So let's say I want to add my social media here. Here's my Twitter account. And then you'll see the Twitter icon, along with my Twitter account, will show up again. If I want to add my Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn, I can add any of those social platforms.

I can do that if I want to update the menu or change or move around these menu items. If I want to update or add my logo, it's really easy to add that there as well, same with updating or changing if I want to delete my location. Now it just says Denver, Colorado, then that's fine too. If you wish to update the image, you browse for the photo from your desktop, but again, these images are all pre-licensed for you, too, and pro. So you can use all these professional images. You can also come to the college consultant website template and type more text. And there we go. Now, you can click save and add that, or you can quickly delete it, make St things bold, or add links here.

Let's say you want this contact us button to do something different. Let's say you want them to call you. You can click on choose link. You can link to another website. You can link to a different part of your website or click on actions. We deleted the directions, which probably don't apply to an education consultant website template. But if you did want people to drive to your business location, you could have that as the call to action, but let's say we want them to call. I'm going to click on my phone number. And now, when somebody's on your website on mobile and clicks on contact us, it'll automatically call your business.

Adding A Booking Link To Your Mighty Sites Website

Let's say you used Calendly or other booking appointments like that. I'm just pulling up my demonstration calendar. So here's my calendar. I'm just going to copy the link I have here. So if you're using a booking appointment, you can say book consultation, choose a link, put in another website, and confirm. And now, if I save that now if someone clicks book consultation, it'll automatically open up to my coly or another platform you're using for appointment booking. Super easy to save those there. So again, change any of these images, but they're already licensed for you to use. You can edit any of this text or you can leave it as is if it's appropriate for your business.


But that's pretty much how you edit the college consultant website template. So it's an effortless, professional, and affordable way to get an excellent website up about your consulting business. Now, if I click here on stop editing and return to the site dashboard, I can connect a domain. If I own a domain through Google or GoDaddy or, I put in my domain right here and click save. Then Mighty Sites will give you straightforward instructions to go in and make the updates with your domain registrar. Once you do that, your website is all connected. You have just built very quickly and easily using the college consultant website template to make a friendly, simple, professional website. That's super affordable for your business.

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