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In this video I demonstrate how to set up and deploy the errand service website template by Mighty Sites. The Mighty Sites website generator makes it easy for errand service businesses to create a simple and professional 1-page website for their business.

Video Transcript

Getting Started with the Errand Service Website Template

Hi everyone. And thanks so much for joining me today. I will show you how to quickly and easily create a website for your errand service using the Mighty Sites system. So, on the right, you can click on start free trial. You can click on launch at mighty or scroll down here to find your type of small business. In this case, we're talking about an errand service, and click on it to get started. So I'll show you precisely what happens when you click on errand service. You will be prompted to enter your name and email and find your business. So you can find your business right here by just typing in the name of your business. And we have a list populated by Google of all the companies, Google Business Profiles. So you can find it right there.

If you can't find your business listed, click right here to enter your business information manually. It'll be a super easy process either way. So once I find my business, I click continue, and I will get information and ensure that it's right. So I'm going to get a location information email. If you don't publish your address, it won't. It won't be there. If it is, it'll be there, and you can permanently delete it. Make sure that's all right. And then let's say that you have specific hours, oh, many errand service businesses. Don't, but let's say that you do. You know, maybe there are particular days that you help out and others that you don't. Perhaps it's a part-time gig. Maybe it's a full-time gig, either way. You can choose to list your hours or not. If you want to do that, it's easy to just click on this.

And let's just say you offer your services from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Mondays, and then we'll do the same thing. 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Tuesdays and 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays. And then let's say that those are the days of the week. Then you click save, and now you've got some hours that you're available. So you can choose to do that or not once this basic information looks good.

Generate Your Errand Service Business Website Preview

You literally click on looks good next, and mighty site's website generator will quickly and easily generate the errand, the errand service website template for your business. So you can see here that this whole website has been developed for you all of a sudden. It's a super simple professional website that helps you promote and highlight your air-in-service. Now, this template is really easy to edit the pictures, edit the text, or edit any of the links. Still, the good news is that this is pre-populated for you to use anyway.

So all of the text, all of the images, they're all pre-licensed. So if you don't have the time right now to make those changes, or you think these, you know, these images fit your site. Well, then, that's great. You don't have to do anything else. You can leave it as is and publish it. You know that all this content is fully licensed for you to use. So once you're ready, look it over and activate this site to customize and launch. And this is where it will prompt you to activate your free trial. Now you get a 30-day free trial with the platform. And the great news is that for only $9 a month, the website includes the website platform, the website hosting the website, the template, the editor, the ability to activate a custom domain. So if you own a domain through Google domains or GoDaddy or a platform like that, many places, you know, restrict or charge you more money to connect that domain. Not with us. You can connect that custom domain to your site. That's $9 a month, and you get a secure certificate. So your website comes with security in the browser installed just like that. Like what's called an SSL certificate. So all of that for only $9 a month included no other hidden fees. So once you jump down here, you can see that you've activated, and that's where it'll prompt you to enter your credit card for the free trial. And then, you can go right here to update your site to customize it from here. As I mentioned, the errand service website template is easy to use and edit.

Making Edits To The Website Template

So to make any edits to this, I have to click here on the update section. I can enter my address. I can update my social link. So let's say you have a Twitter account, and enter it there. And now, all of a sudden, it populates. Let's say you have a Facebook page. Enter it there. Now Facebook populates and says you have a YouTube channel. Enter it there. And it'll populate with the link. So you can see, it's super easy to add in. You can easily edit your phone number if you have LinkedIn, Instagram, or any of those to add your social links. Any of that. If you have a logo, I encourage you to click on the update section and drag and drop your logo right into the platform. Real easy to do that as well. If you want to move around your menu items or add more menu items, you can do that right here.

It's all just a point-and-click editor meant to make building and launching your simple professional website for your errand service. Really easy to do. Let's say you want a new hero image. Again, upload a new hero image. You'll have the chance to crop it or edit it once it's uploaded. You can change around or add menu items. Perhaps you'd like to add more text here. So let's say you want to add more text to this section. This is more about our business. It's easy to edit and save any text into any of these sections. If you wanna change the buttons too. So you can see here contact us. Let's say you want to change this to link to a different portion of your website. You can do that. Contact us to link to another website if you'd like that.

You can also enter that here, or let's say you want people to call you automatically. Many people will visit your new errand service business website on their mobile phones. So let's say you want them when they click on that, it automatically calls you so that you can get leads coming right to your business. That makes it great and easy to use too. So now if I click on this, it actually calls the company. Suppose you're using a booking calendar or calendar appointment system like that, which, like many errand services do, allows people to book you for specific times, you know. In that case, if you're available, I'll use my Calendly calendar so you can see here's my Calendly link with my, you know, service appointment example set up a link to my calendar. So I'm just going to
Copy the link. Most booking or appointment-setting software will come with a link like this, and I will go right back over here. I'm going to say, you know, book our service. And then I'm going to change the link from calling me to linking to another website. I'm going to enter my booking service, click save, and close it. And there we go. Now, if somebody clicks on the book, our service, it'll take them right to my appointment setting and booking calendar. So that could be a really convenient way to promote your business and get people to book with you right away. If that works for your business is if not, it's great to link to a phone call or email or anything else that you want like that. So again, you can change any of these images the same way, browse or drag and drop the photo you want.

You can easily change any of this text. You can update social links, phone numbers, hours, and action buttons. You can update any of this just the way you saw it before. So it's a really simple professional clean template. You can customize it with your text, images, and links. But you're also free to use anything that's included here. Now, once the site, you know, looks good, the information's updated to where you want it. You can click on stop editing and return to the site dashboard.

Connect a Custom Domain

And then right here is where you can connect a custom domain. So if I click on the connected domain, all you have to do is paste in your domain from go Google domains or goad or, wherever you've purchased your domain, paste it in there. You will get a set of simple instructions for the information that needs to be updated. You call your registrar, tell them the information you see here, and they'll connect your domain to the system. So we try to make that process as easy as possible too.

Launch Your New Website For Your Errand Service Business

So once you've done everything in less than a few minutes, you will have a brand new, simple professional website to help market your air and service business, just like that. Using the muddy sites, website generator.

Launch your website, right now.

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