Top 4 Reasons Facebook Cannot Be Your Business Website

Top 4 reasons facebook can not be your business website

Facebook is a fantastic business tool with over 2 billion monthly users. It gives your business a platform to reach a vast population worldwide for free. However, you can only achieve the bare minimum growth if you aim to grow your business from Facebook alone.

On the other hand, a website helps build a business’ trustworthiness, with a lot more features and opportunities for a successful business. Let’s dive into why you need a business website, even if you have a Facebook page.

A Website Gives A More Professional Business Look

When most people visit your Facebook page, depending on what you offer, they look for a website to prove the seriousness of your business. If they cannot find one, they can easily flag it as a joke. A website is like your virtual office. Customers can learn more about your products and services, history, vision and even engage with you freely.

Additionally, a website makes it easy for you to organize your work. You see, with Facebook, you have set guidelines on how your page should appear. Sometimes it leaves your customers in suspense because of the limited space. On the other hand, when you have a website, you are in control. You can easily organize your work and detail it as much as you feel would help your clients.

Your Business Website Is A Great Marketing Tool

There are many ways to market your business through your website. The best part is that you don’t have to do away with your Facebook page. In fact, your Facebook account should be a lead-generating tool for your website traffic. That’s like killing two birds with one stone. On Facebook, you get to advertise your business website through posts and pictures and include a link leading to the website. That way, customers have somewhere to learn more about your brand, ask questions and make purchases.

Also, you can attach your web address to other marketing tools like business cards. It gives a professional look that shows the seriousness of your business. It makes those that come across your cards eager to know what exactly it feels like to work with you.

Not Everyone Is On Facebook

Today, most young people believe Facebook is for the old and prefer alternative social media platforms. If you only focus on Facebook as your business office, you miss reaching this group of people.

Also, although your Facebook page is available on Google’s search engine, people that are not on Facebook will have a hard time accessing it. They face a limitation in commenting, liking, or even sharing your page details without creating a Facebook page. So, what if this person doesn’t want to create a Facebook account?

That’s why you need a business website visible on Google and compatible with other social media platforms. You’ll then have a more significant and limitless customer base which is excellent for your business success.

A Facebook Page Cannot Be Fully Optimized For SEO

SEO tactics are the in thing today, especially in marketing. If your business doesn’t adopt SEO marketing, you will likely lag behind your competitors and lose a lot. Well, with Facebook, you can hack a little into how their algorithms work and still reach a good number of your target audience. However, Facebook’s SEO is not reliable and is limited.

Unlike Facebook, a business website is easy to optimize for SEO to boost your visibility on Google. From proper use of keywords that help in the ranking of your website to Google My Business platforms to help tap more customers for you, SEO deals are endless. You can easily rank well and advertise your products and services to a larger audience.

It’s Time To Upgrade To A Business Website

The flexibility and opportunities that come with a business website are undeniably endless. A website gives your business the glory it deserves, especially in this age when people live on the internet.

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